Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I've received some parcels in the last few weeks that I just haven't had time to show you- I'm always so busy over here. With two rock bands, work, art making, social occasions, plus the physical fitness regimen, it's difficult to squeeze everything in!

First off-  get a load of all the stamps on this box!! Wha...? Why??

*DC Universe Classics Wave 11 Steppenwolf
The stamps might've been all the seller had around due to me scoring this off eBay for $13.50, shipping included. He couldn't have made a dime off that transaction. I see sellers asking for a lot more for this unusual looking figure, but I'm unsure if they ever get it. There's variant of this B-list baddie fashioned after the Super Powers version I see out & about quite often, but I like this one with the stupid hat- different strokes for different folks. I've been eyeing him for awhile, and finally won him at a good price. Every time I say I'm not gonna buy any more DCUCs, I find another  :D


*DC Comics Super Heroes Robin by ToyBiz
Another figure I've been on the lookout for at the right price. I am slowly working on my Boy Wonder figure collection and have a few with cloth capes now, including this guy. These look nearly identical to the famed 80's Super Powers collection by Kenner- ToyBiz  reused some of the molds from this line. FUN! LOVE!

In other news, the workout program is going swimmingly- a few months ago I had switched from power-walking to running and added 100 sit ups to my usual workout-  it's really made a difference. It's been 100+ degrees here in the Midwest for the last 3 weeks, but I have not stopped, hence my peeling down to 167 lbs- about what I weighed in college. When I began 11 months ago, I was pushing 200 lbs & not so healthy. A change in diet, regular & vigorous exercise, & abstaining from alcohol has really changed my life- my performance in all things has improved 200%! I have more energy & my senses are sharpened. I sleep better & less. When I run into people I know they can't believe it & say I look like a teenager again, and women have been taking a closer look  ;D  Tom Freak claims I've pulled a reverse-geek, a move he said was difficult. He's right- it was difficult & it's still challenging, but it's worth it. Never fear- I'm still as dorky as ever, just happier & healthier  :D

Have a Great Weekend! Take Care of Yourself!


  1. Your looking great Colin! Keep up the awesome work and say hello to all the ladies for me too. : D

  2. Now that is the feel good story of the week. Congrats. Just don't use your newfound powers for evil now.

  3. Dude, I am so proud of you. You rock! Keep of the great work. BTW that Steppenwolf is sweet and I like the fact that the Robin comes with a batarang. My Super Powers version doesn't. :-(