Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Toy Shopping

Sunday morning found me out picking up some action figures again, a FUN start to an eventful day off...

*Marvel Universe Thor & Scarlet Spider by Hasbro
I saw some others I liked, but settled on these two. I had passed that Thor by many times at my local Wal-Mart, so I took him home today! He's really cool! Then at Target I found the last Scarlet Spider- last week I saw three, so it was now or never. Not everyone's favorite, but he made me spot & look again today so I went ahead & bought him.

*Hasbro Spiderman Series Power Charge Rhino
Found him at Target with Scarlet Spider- I had passed on him last week as well, but gave in today. Too bulky & badass to pass on again...

I saw a lot of cool stuff on clearance, some of which I may go back for later. I've been passing on most all of the great deals out there only because I've found so much great Marvel Universe stuff lately. And Mike from Mike's Comics & Stuff found me a couple really cool six inch Young Justice figures he's sending. DONT' FORGET! Mike is having A Super-Duper ToyBox Special over at the Mike's Comics & Stuff website! Enter "superduper" at the check-out and get 10% off your order! Mike gives great service and has some killer stuff!  I just ordered:
*DC Universe Young Justice 6" Artemis Figure
*DC Universe Young Justice 6" Robin Figure



  1. There is definitely some cool stuff out there right now. Nice score.

  2. Yeah dude, great score! Summer clearances FTW ;)

  3. Another one that I didn't know made it into the MU line: Scarlet Spider. How are the MU Spidermans' articulation now?

  4. So many awesome action figures! Very cool Colin congrats on them all buddy. : )

  5. Man, you are getting some pretty awesome Marvel figures! The stores I've been to seem to have a very limited stock when it comes to this line. Sometimes there are no Marvel Universe figures on the pegs at all. All I seem to find are figures from the Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2 Lines. I hope you review that sweet Rhino figure next.