Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Toy Haul- More Marvel Universe!

Last Sunday's toy hunt produced only a Marvel Universe Silver Surfer- it surely entertained me, but as I drove from place to place, I was seeing the same old stuff every place. Sure there were clearance deals everywhere, but not much I really wanted. After the morning workout today however, a spontaneous trip to Target more than made up for that...

*Marvel Universe Skarr, Falcon, Dr. Doom, & Apocalypse
Now I had seen Falcon out on the town Sunday, but couldn't commit- I went back out to take another look this morning and saw the other three! FRESH STOCK- what a thrill! Finding that Apocalypse was like finding a gold brick...

ALSO... Last week I got some other action figures in the mail I didn't tell you about  :)   Wanna guess what they were... ??

*Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man (House of M), & World War Hulk
Yes, I had already been on the hunt for some of these earlier Marvel Universe releases, and managed to snag a few at decent prices on eBay... 

So that all turned out just peachy! I've been mad for that World War Hulk, and then finding Skarr today just set me off like a stick of dynamite- Bitchin'!  I've been on this incredible natural high for the last couple weeks that's hard to describe: working a lot & making some great sales, playing a lot of music, and the physical fitness regimen has made me feel obnoxiously alert & strong- I've only been sleeping six hours a night- maybe seven a couple nights a week. So this has all been a lot of fun  :)  I've already photographed World War Hulk & Skarr up above, so you'll be seeing those in a few hours  :)

DONT' FORGET! Mike is having A Super-Duper ToyBox Special over at the Mike's Comics & Stuff website! Enter "superduper" at the check-out and get 10% off your order! Mike gives great service and has some killer stuff!  Let me recommend:
*Green Lantern Brightest Day Series 1 Action Figure Set 
*Green Lantern Brightest Day Series 2 Action Figure Set
*Justice League New Frontier Action Figure Box Set
*Batman Arkham Asylum Series 1 Set
*DC Universe Classics Wave 17 Set of 7 Anti-Monitor DCUC
*Secret Wars Comic Two-Packs 2010 Series 01 -Thor & the Enchantress
*Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Inch Series 01 - Silver Surfer
*DC Universe Classics 16 Classic Robin Vintage Head Action Figure

*DC Universe Classics Wave 18 Set of 6 Figures

...Don't wait though-  I don't know how long it will last!


  1. Wow! What a haul! I'm sooooooooo jealous of your Skaar figure! Good finds, brother!

  2. Awesome haul Colin! Am still holding out for a Doctor Strange figure myself but that Falcon is tempting he would look great next to his old crime fighting partner Captain America. : )

  3. I just won a Dr. Strange from Mike's Comics on AFB- can you believe that?? I saw a clear variant of Dr. Strange today but passed on him ...was way past my budget anyway

  4. Whaaat?!?! I didn't even know Dr. Doom was out in singles now too! See how outdated I am in this line? At first I thought for sure I was going to collect this line, but we started seeing less and less of them here so I just gave up. Ya I can buy online, but I don't really trust the paint apps on them haha

  5. i swear i had just heard about the single Doom, Jcee, and *BAM* there he was. i feel i got REALLY lucky on this haul, but you do kinda have to check around often...

  6. It just sucks up here in Canada for toys, we are always the last ones to get any wave. Every time I go to TRU or Walmart, all I see are AIM soliders lol! That Skaar looks good though, is it he same mold as World War Hulk?

  7. I found the Scarlet Spider today. No signs of the others, though...

  8. Jcee- no, they are unbelievably quite different!
    iok- I LOVE that Spidey, gonna crack him open soon -ENJOY!

  9. I saw that you had won the Comment Contest over on AFB and was wondering what prize you were going to pick. Dr.Strange was a awesome choice congrats on him and i look forward to seeing pictures of him on the blog. : )

  10. Awesome haul Colin! I've been eying that Spider-Man 2099 figure every time I see him. Maybe I'll have to pick him up this weekend. I've been out of the comic loop for so long, I have never heard of Skaar. But, he looks friggin' awesome. Kind of like a metal-head version of the Hulk. :)

  11. I really dig Skaar - and Falcon looks awesome too! I just found 1st appearance Wolverine and had to get him, I'll blog about him soon.

  12. i had a hard time passin' up thar 1st Appearance Wolvie, Bubbs- I just felt i'd bought so many that i should chill for a minute, LOL

  13. Sweet, Falcon and Doom are out! I needs to find these bad boys, great score on all the figures. Ha, when you go Marvel you go all the way!