Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday Toy Shopping!

I love days off, and this one started out right with a good old fashioned toy hunt in the wild! I buy a lot of stuff on the internet, but there's nothing like finding a great haul out on the town  :D

*Marvel Universe Savage Frost Giant & Loki
Awhile back before I got into Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, I had actually seen this set at a Wal-Mart on the other end of the county. Seeing it reviewed on Shartimus Prime's YouTube channel recently renewed my interest sharply, though I couldn't remember which of the three local Wal-Mart stores I had seen it, and figured it was likely a goner. Upon returning late this morning, I found the last one... I thought I'd died & gone to Toy Heaven... Wow!

*Marvel Universe Human Torch, Ghost Rider, & Spider-Woman
There were a lot of great single Marvel Universe at the same Wal-Mart I found Frost Giant at, too- including these three. This same Wal-Mart is where I found Thanos awhile back, and I usually have good luck there. There were several more I wanted, but I was running over budget so I took these & ran...

*Marvel Universe Ronin & Hand Ninja
Before finding Frost Giant, I hit a couple Toys 'R Us stores in South County and found these two awesome Marvel Universe figures- what a pair! Like Frost Giant, there were only one of each of these as well. I can imagine the epic battle photos these two will be starring in  :D

*Marvel Universe MiniMates Silver Centurion & Crimson Dynamo by Diamond Select
At the same Toys 'R Us, I found the last set of these two. I had passed on these before, but seeing them on JBoy's blog made me regret that and I vowed that if I saw them again I would buy them. My first MiniMates... I'm unsure if I'd buy these at the regular price, but these were marked down to south of five bucks. They'll make a great BIG TOY/little toy photo session with my Iron Man 2 Silver Centurion & Crimson Dynamo  :D

After all this greatness I hit the new Captain America movie in 3-D with my nephew Harry, which was totally awesome!! We had been planning on this for some time, and I must say that we both loved it  :D

Did all the fun stop there? Oh no, my Friends- for upon my return to the domicile I found this box waiting for me... Wanna guess what was inside??

*DC Universe 6" Young Justice Robin & Artemis
Inside the box were these awesome toys I ordered from Mike's Comic's a couple weeks ago! Hooray!!  Mike is having A Super-Duper ToyBox Special over at the Mike's Comics & Stuff website! Enter "superduper" at the check-out and get 10% off your order! Mike gives great service and has some killer stuff! So stoked about these two! I've been working hard, and this was a Super-Duper way to end a fun day!


  1. Sweet Haul!

    Young Justice (Animated) Figures?

  2. Wow, that's a REALLY good haul of MUs there, and topped off with some minimates and Young Justice? Nice one.

    How was Cap in 3D? It's coming here this friday. Can't wait!

  3. i thought you'd like those, Rou :) they are built like a DCUC, not the 4" versions they also came out with that are articulated like a Justice League Unlimited.
    Stephen, it was really great & the special effects were awesome- you will love it :)

  4. Awesome finds Colin congrats and watch those MiniMates because you just can't buy one set lol.

  5. Another sweet haul man!!! Can't wait to see the review on the Young Justice figures! I am really excited about this line!