Sunday, August 21, 2011

4" Thor Movie Figures by Hasbro

Ever since I saw some of these Thor movie figures on someone's blog a few days ago, I became obsessed with getting some! I really liked the pictures of Loki, and was mad about the Frost Giants, so I grabbed some after work today  :D

Thor, Odin, & Loki...

I was never an army builder with multiples of the same character, but these Frost Giants are all big & gnarly lookin' with ugly feet- like my prom date! Love at first sight! I bought four  :D

Here are separate shots of the two variety. The Deluxe Ice Attack versions were considerably more- the included extra accessories & projectile hardly warrant the extra cost, but I wanted a little variety in color... that's the kind of nut job I am...

I've been working all through the weekend, but have squeezed in a viewing of Batman: Gotham Knight (2008), which blew my mind, and a dress rehearsal with one of my bands for the show next weekend. I hope you have got a little time to play with your toys, I have  :D

More Later- Be Good or Be Fast!


  1. There is supposed to be some "Marvel Legends" style of Thor figures coming out at Wal-Mart which am keeping my eye out for. The "King Thor" figure looked pretty cool so i want it.