Thursday, August 11, 2011

Batman Inc. Robin by DC Direct

I was pretty thrilled to see this figure from DC Direct, while I haven't yet read any of the Batman Incorporated series, I did read the first 6 issues of Batman & Robin, featuring Bruce Wayne's son Damian as The Boy Wonder. Damian is cynical, disobedient to Dick Grayson (who wears the cowl in this series), and has violent tendencies, so I've been curious how he reacts to Daddy's return. Truth be told I'm quite behind on recent Batman history, and have meant to catch up. This will involve five or six more Morrison books, so it won't be happening right now.

Damian comes with two nice accessories, a bō staff and a rather large katana, the latter having purportedly having been used only once in the comics. I was to pleased to find neither warped when removed from the packaging. He's about 5 1/4" tall and his articulation is nothing extraordinary, typical DCD: ball-jointed shoulders & head, hinged knees & elbows, cut-joints at the wrists & waist. If I could change things I'd have cut-joints at the shins and a separate hoodie-up peice over the head like my DCD New Krypton Superwoman, but otherwise I love him!

The rest of the Batman Incorporated series didn't really interest me, but I'm a HUGE Robin fan and I knew I wanted him the minute I saw him. What I really like about this Robin figure is his size- he is built like a young boy, how I feel Robin should be. Without overly developed muscles often found in most versions of this character, this skinny figure really looks like a kid! I felt he'd be a great partner for my DCD Arkham Asylum Batman...

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  1. John REALLY likes it a lot, apparently ;)

    I like it too. I've seen this one online a couple times, and like you, I agree that having a kid proportioned Robin is the best. Some of the Mattel offerings are just freakish.

  2. I like this from the styling and coloring of his green boots to the fact he is actually "kid size".

  3. Robin is much smaller in size than Batman..Robin looks like a kid...