Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Batman Legacy Batman w/Bat-Mite & Batgirl

I wasn't overwhelmed by the first offerings from the Batman Legacy line of action figures by Mattel- I already had a DCUC Joker, I'm lukewarm on the Modern Age Batman, Harvey Dent had a coin permanently sculpted in one hand & included no weapon, and I have the far superior DC Direct Arkham Asylum Batman.  The second wave, however,  had the Batgirl I've wanted, a Golden Age Batman, and a character new to the Mattel 6" DC Universe line, Catman! 

I'm a big fan of Batman's Golden Age outfit- I like the black shorts & mask, shorter cape & ears on the cowl, yellow utility belt, and simple chest insignia. This one looks just about perfect to me. While this K-Mart Exclusive version included a smaller Bat-Mite companion figure, I regret a batarang or grapple hook not being included. Mine has a somewhat loose left shoulder joint, but he still holds a pose- any advice on how that might be fixed would be graciously considered. And as often as it is a problem, the weight of Batman's cape makes it difficult for him to remain upright in many positions, like so many of the caped figures in the DC Universe Classics line. Batman did the Nestea Plunge several times during this session  :D  I will say that the sculpt on his soft rubber cape looks both clean and appropriate- very cool!

Bat-Mite is to Batman as Mr. Mxyzptlk is to Superman- a impish nuisance from another dimension who likes to create situations that cause need for his hero, Batman, to leap into action. I was surprised to have discovered the majority of Bat-Mite's history in the comics was confined to just a few years, from 1959 to 1964, though he did appear a handful of times thereafter, including Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P. series, which I have yet to read. I don't think a lot of kids today enjoy whimsy in the comics of yesteryear, and I guess there's only so much that can be done with a character like Bat-Mite, so I can see why he doesn't fit in with the ever-evolving, dark & complicated world of Batman today. Still, I was really glad to have found the K-Mart Exclusive that included that included Batman's loathsome, erstwhile companion.

A figure in this line I was really excited by was Batgirl! While merely a repaint of the DC Superheroes Batgirl, I preferred both the classic color scheme and the opportunity to have a Batgirl at a reasonable price- the DCSH Batgirl can go for a lot these days! And if Mattel ever wants to make any money, they can just re-release the Bargirl Barbie. She's hot property, and I'm unsure why they don't roll it all out for this beloved heroine. As though Mattel never learned, or likely never cared, the action pose she was packaged in warped her right leg. A dip in near boiling water followed by a firm repositioning under cold tap water seemed to cure that easily. Small complaint: where her articulated right forearm joins under her glove can be seen through the light yellow plastic.
Additionally, this girl should have a grapplehook or batarang- her hand is positioned to be holding one- C'mon Mattel!!

The buck on these DC Universe women have always been too small in my opinion- they feel fragile to the touch, and Batgirl here is as anorexic as the rest. I realize they are stylized like the bodies in the comics, but I would have beefed these beauties up. All complaints aside, I enjoyed this figure's styling and color, and the gloss black was a nice touch.

The figures did come with something: they both had bases, but Batgirl just doesn't stand on hers well at all- the peg isn't long enough for a good, solid connection. Annoying! They are gold (Golden Age Batman) & silver (Silver Age Batgirl), and look better in my photo than in real life.  They also came with 6 3/4 x 10 1/4" mini posters, which were rolled up in the side of the package- now this I liked. I think I will pick up a couple frames I can switch these Legacy posters around in. I love that kind of stuff! 

Group shot!

Up Next: Catman & Mr. Freeze! Stay Tuned!


  1. I do not need to spend $17 on yet another Batman just because he comes with a Bat-Mite. I do not need to spend $17 on yet another Batman just because he comes with a Bat-Mite. I do not need to spend $17 on yet another Batman just because he comes with a Bat-Mite.

    If I type it 100 times, it becomes true.

  2. Ha Ha :D Even worse- I ALREADY HAVE A GOLDEN AGE BATMAN by DC Direct. How many Batman figures do you need? One more...

  3. These are so cool. I really like this line. Your pics are awesome as usual.

  4. Are the posters paper? I couldn't tell if they were cloth or not when I saw similar figures at a toy show.

  5. they ARE paper- pretty cheap paper too, but kinda cool

  6. Love the Golden Age Batman figure here, even if it is pretty much the same re-used body over and over. I hope the Legacy Line re-releases the 60's Batman from the DC Superheroes line with the yellow bat symbol to match the Batgirl.