Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman! ...AND A CONTEST!

Imagine my surprise when told I won the Action Figure Blues monthly comment contest... again!  :D  I won a DCUC Starman last autumn, and swear I wasn't even trying either times, which makes it even more fun. Since then I have become a member on the Action Figure Blues Forum, as some of you readers have as well, and Action Figure Blues mastermind, Scott, is throwing another BIG contest over there- more on that later, first let's see what was in the box...

... a Marvel Universe Dr. Strange! I love this! He's the translucent variant which looks absolutely killer up close! I have been really getting into Marvel's 4" figures lately, and have picked up some really cool stuff in the last couple weeks that I haven't posted on yet, so Strange is a most welcome addition to the Super-DuperToyBox  :)  Thanks a million to Scott and also Mike from Mike' Comics N' Stuff who set the prize to me- you guys have been good to me and I really do appreciate it  :)

 Now like I said, Scott is having another contest over at Action Figure Blues and it's a BIG one:

This year he's offering the biggest prize AFB ever had - the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Stay Puft comes in at a whopping 20 inches tall, and the winner of this competition will receive him in his carry case which converts to a diorama for display. It’s a great prize!!

Some effort will be required to win in the “Sing a Song for Stay Puft” contest. Action Figure Blues is  looking for the person who can explain why they want to win Stay Puft in most creative and entertaining way.

Your “song” for Stay Puft doesn’t have to be musical-  you could present your entry as:
Whatever it is, it needs to communicate exactly why you want Stay Puft and why you should be the winner. It also needs to be kept moderately safe for work - AFB aims to be a family friendly site, so keep it clean  :)
-a comic/comic strip
-a video
-an animation
-something else entirely different

The winner will be judged by the Admins of the AFB Forum. There *may* also be some smaller prizes on offer for honourable mentions if the standard is good enough! The prize or prizes will be sent to the winner from Australia. If the prize is going overseas, it will be sent by first class international mail. The winner may choose to add their own funds for express shipping and or insurance if desired.

Entries will be submitted via the AFB Forum - new members are very welcome to register and enter, but we do ask that you have a minimum post count of 10 by the time the competition closes.
 The competition will be open for three weeks and will close at 11:59PM GMT+10 on Sunday 4th September 2011.

*You can discuss the competition in the Sing a Song for Stay Puft discussion thread at the AFB Forum. *You can submit your entries at the Sing a Song for Stay Puft Official Entry Thread at the AFB Forum. *The winning entries will be announced and featured at the Action Figure Blues blog.

 Good Luck to One & All!


  1. Nice! Congrats on the win i still want to get a normal non-clear Dr.Strange and i will sometime i just have to keep on looking and i know one will turn up. : )

  2. Glad it got there safely, and thanks for the mention!!!! :)