Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs: Wolverine Vs. Silver Samurai

Last Monday I ran out after work to check out the scene just for fun, and came upon this lone Wolverine Vs. Silver Samurai 2-pack at a Wal-Mart on the south edge of the county, a place I've had really good luck this summer, particularly in the Marvel Universe department. I had seen this there some time ago, but already had an obscenely large stack of Marvel Universe in my arms, so I left in a rare show of restraint  :D   I'd been crawling all over Slangard's old blog Hippopotomi on the Lam recently, as I love his pics & reviews, and had seen this again! Knowing this was my last chance, I picked it up this time.

I like the idea of including a comic with action figures- it only makes sense if you want to promote your title/book, especially to kids.  Included in this 2-pack was what appeared to be a reprint of Wolverine #2:  On the soot-stained rooftops above Madripoor’s Low Town, WOLVERINE and the SILVER SAMURAI are locked in battle over the legendary black blade – an evil sword with the power to corrupt the spirit of even the purest warrior. Both men are near-perfect fighters, their bodies honed by a lifetime of combat, but only one will walk away from this battle. Oddly, Wolverine is is his yellow/blue X-Men outfit within the pages of this comic, unlike the cover, copyright 1988. The story inside is part 2 of Wolverine Origins: 7 the Hard Way, part of the 'Wolverine vs. Romulus' arc.  Yeah, Wolverine has tangle with Samurai in it, but... I was a little disappointed in that I didn't get some classic battle. Meh...

On the other hand, I liked the artwork by Doug Braithwaite, and Skaar & Cloak were also in the story- might have to hunt the rest of that down...


On with the action figures...
This set had some all-around eye appeal, but it was the Silver Samurai that I was really after. The glossy red tampographed sun emblem bursting off his silvery metallic chest plate, this figure is striking in his highly detailed armor- if not for the bulk of which, Samurai would be the height of Hasbro 3 3/4" articulation. Still, he can do quite a bit. Additionally, his katana & shorter tanto fit into the loops on his left hip, which was greatly appreciated. While I knew little of the character, this is one of the most unique & best looking Marvel Universe figures I've seen! Greatness, I say!

The Wolverine isn't too shabby, though a lot is left to be desired in the face, Let's face it: Hugh Jackman is a pretty boy compared to the Wolverine of Marvel Comics, but this figure has one DAMNED ugly mug! The red paint job surrounding his teeth just comes off wrong/too strongly. That said, I appreciate the simplicity of his uniform & pronounced claws (each separately sculpted). He is of appropriately proportioned build and has great articulation.

Keniuchio Harada is son to Japanese crimelord Shingen Harada, and head of Clan Yashida, and half-bother to Wolverine's late fiancee, Mariko Yashida. Born a mutant, Harada is able to generate a tachyon field around his katana, or any other weapon within his grasp, imbuing the sword with enough power to cut through nearly anything. Harada's familial ties are the nexus to a long conflicted relationship with Wolverine, both enemies & allies.

I've reluctantly passed on most all the Marvel Universe Comic 2-packs due to there not being a price break for buying two figures at once, or disinterest in one of the included characters, but this was a good one. There is a Marvel Universe Greatest Battles: Deadpool vs. Taskmaster that I'd like too, but he might be too sought after to find at a reasonable price. The Wolverine Vs. Silver Samurai is a great set- pick one up if you find it!

More Later- Have a GREAT Weekend!


  1. I see this on this one all the time at Wal-Mart i have yet to run across the Deadpool/Taskmaster one. Target has the new Captain America ones out now too.

  2. I just saw this set today for the first time at my local Target today. I almost bought it because the SS looked so good, but Wolverine looked so crappy, I passed.

    Now that I've seen this post, I may have to go back and get it.

    Anybody want a crummy Wolverine figure?

  3. Hey whats up first time poster!I like Silver Samurai,not too crazy about Wolvie though.Great Blog man!

  4. oh, HI actionfig- glad you found me! Wolvie's not that bad though, Fellas- GREAT articulation, just a little ugly in the face if you get too close :D