Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marvel Universe Savage Frost Giant & Loki

I had seen this set at one of the three area Wal-Mart stores I frequent some time ago, well before I picked up my first few Marvel Universe figures, but didn't know what I was looking at- a unique, fun, & somewhat hard to find item. I remember thinking, "Wow- if I collected figures in that scale, I'd consider this...". Fast forward to this July: I'm watching reviews on Shartimus Prime's YouTube channel, and I see the Frost Giant again. With new eyes I am floored by how great a job Hasbro did on this, and on my last stop hunting for toys last Tuesday, I see one! Now I often have pretty good luck finding stuff I like, but THAT doesn't happen every day  :D

If I have to explain to you how cool this is, I will. After a second look at him, I could more clearly see how fun this was. Unlike Mattel's recent 12" TRU Exclusive Hal Jordan, this Hasbro has articulation equal to or better than their smaller figures. Frost Giant has double-jointed knees, hinge/swivel joints at the wrists and shoulders, swivel at the biceps, and even a jointed abdomen. His left hand even has finger articulation. While TRU was asking thirty bucks for Mattel's 12" Hal Jordan, I picked this Hasbro set up for $25.00, which includes accessories, a 3 3/4" Loki figure, and a comic book. A MUCH better value.

The detail on this guy is just great! From his gnarly looking toes, to the expertly painted & sculpted skull helmet that fits perfectly on his head, this toy is full of minutiae that goes above & beyond my expectations- especially at that price point. The washes & and drybrushing on the armored torso, fur overlay & loincloth, and leg wrappings are particularly well done. The OAFE.Net review on this guy says the arms & legs on this guy are reused from the Icons Series Thor, hence the leg wrappings and wrist bands- still they agree he looks as though designed this way from head to toe.

Included with this set is a 3 3/4" classic Loki. While I was pleased in his inclusion, I was surprised at my friends that seemed more interested in him than the Frost Giant!  Loki is of course the adopted son of the king of Asgard, arch enemy of Thor, and engineer of the conflicts between the gods of Asgard and the giants of Jotunheim.

This awesome set is topped off with a reprint of The Mighty Thor #175 from 1970, featuring the great art of Jack "King" Kirby. The comic depict Loki and an army of Mountain Giants (not Frost Giants) invading Asgaard, claiming a sleeping Odin's imperial ring and bringing the mighty Thunder God to his knees. Very dramatic! I love it when you get a comic with the toy- I mean, isn't that what it's really all about?

Now how much fun is this?? A LOT of FUN, Friends  :D


  1. I bought both of the oversized MU figures on clearance last year @ Walmart and I wasn't all that impressed (well the giant Skrull is pretty cool) so I wasn't so gung-ho at giving Black Goliath and the Frost Giant a go. After reading a few reviews I think your post and photos have put me over.

    I saw Black Goliath on the clearance shelf yesterday. I didn't see a space for them on the regular aisle since the resets are underway. Hmmm...I better get a lookin' for this Frost Giant before he goes the way for good.

  2. Wait, this is only 25 bucks? Damn, I am way more interested in it now.

  3. I just fainted when the images appeared. Man, that's one cool set of figures!

  4. I have seen this set twice now and passed both times am just not drawn to it i guess.

  5. Damn, if it were only this cheap in Singapore! also, you guys saw the Fin Fang Foom coming up? Well that's gonna be a doozy too!

    Great review, man!

  6. You guys always have these toy CHEAP!! I am so jealous!