Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Some MORE Toy Shopping...

Toys 'R Us is having a "buy 2 get 1 free" sale on any Marvel Universe, Thor Movie, Captain America, & Iron Man 3 3/4" figures Sept. 18th-24th, so I took advantage of that  :D

*Hasbro Captain America Series Crossbones, Heroic Age & Super Combat Capt. America
I know there have been complaints about some of these, but my Paratrooper Dive Captain America from this series was fine, and I've had my eye on some more of these.

*Hasbro Thor Movie Series Battle Hammer Thor & Harpoon Blade Fandral
I've been pleased with these figures, save their gimmicky, oversides accessories, and knew I get a couple more. Timely as I just scored a Hogun & Volstagg, and saw the movie this weekend on Blu-Ray, too...

*Hasbro Marvel Universe Golden Age Captain America & Bucky Barnes
What a pair! I've read some old Cap & Bucky stories in the past, but am reading early Avengers stuff right now, the team that rescued Cap from the frozen sea. Cap has been chasing Baron Zemo down to avenge his young partner's death in the Marvel Masterworks volume I'm reading, pushing young Rick Jones away from trying to partner up, guilty over Bucky. Very melodramatic!

*Hasbro Marvel Universe Daredevil & Punisher
I've been looking for the regular Daredevil, this one the darker variant, but I take this one for both his rarity in the area and the discount opportunity- only seen him twice. Passed over Frank Castle before as well, but he was to cool to pass on for the same reasons. 

*Hasbro Marvel Universe 90's X-Men Wolverine & Gladiator
I only recently began seeing this Wolverine around, and I thought he'd be great with my 90's Jean Grey & Cyclops. He's like my fourth MU Wolverine, but I still want the brown one in the comic 2 pack with Sabertooth   .... doesn't everyone have four or five?   :D    Every time I see this Gladiator I pick him up, this time I took him to the register- just too cool to pass up. He makes an appearance in the The Uncanny X-Men (1984) graphic novel I had as a kid.

More Later- Keep It FUN!


  1. More awesome hauls for Super-D too cool!

  2. Are you kidding me i've been looking everywhere for that Punisher!!Keep up the good work!BTW That Daredevil looks great.

  3. Hope to see some reviews on these soon too. : )

  4. Man! You get some sweet hauls all the time! We have a sale here with MU this week, but guess what? They don't even HAVE ANY MU LOL! It's sad but Canada never gets anything!

  5. You are certainly on a roll now and what can I say but "What a haul!!" :) Glad to know that you are having so much FUN!

  6. I wish I could get into the 33/4 sized figures. The are very well made but I have hated taht size of figures all the way back to the first STAR WARS LINE.