Saturday, September 17, 2011

BIG TOY/little toy: The Hulk

I could see the confusion in his sculpted, little face when it dawned on him "This is what I am... this is me."  Perhaps like Pinnochio's woeful moment of self-actualization might have been, the discovery was a met with the shock of disbelief...  Because all is happy & well there in the apartment, cluttered togetherness with the other toys, and it comes alive when the Giant Boy is home- all his tinkering & activity involving an ever-growing and colorful cast of characters. Silent while he thinks, reads, and types, stopping occassionally to make a cup of hot tea. And his blue eyes glisten & flicker, as though lit by candles- so alive when his gaze catches you...   Yes, it all must have seen very simple to Hulk before I placed that small toy in the palm of his hand, and his awareness suddenly changed, "It's okay," I whispered before putting him back with the other Hulks on the bookshelf, "You will always be my favorite".

*See my original post on this Marvel Famous Covers Hulk by ToyBiz!


  1. I love your writing style for this post. The Hulk looks awesome.

  2. thanx John... that just kinda came out of me, spur of the moment ???
    Kaizar: Yes it IS very Hamlet :)

  3. My favorite HULK of all time ;) and you did him justice haha