Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Haul

BAM! was having a pretty good sale this holiday weekend: buy one/get one free on used comics & 33% off used toys. Like I said in my previous post, this place has a pretty good selection of both, so I loaded up while getting a good deal:

*Detective Comics back issues
Knightfall & Knightquest series issues from the 90's featuring Azrael as Batman. I was particularly fond of the #675 issue with embossed foil cover that featured the armored suit like the recent DCUC figure. Really cool, and something I totally missed out on. Buy one/get one free  :)

*DC Direct Series 2 Blackest Night Kryb and LJA Classified Martian Manhunter
Kryb wasn't on sale, but I'd never again see that creepy broad for $14.99. I always really liked this J'onn J'onzz as well, but had never seen him at a decent price- $6.69 is pretty good though.

*Assorted loose 6" DCUC figures
Like used DC Direct figures, there are a ton of cool DCUCs at BAM!, and at $6.69 each after the sale, I thought I'd pad out my collection with these:  Black Manta, Aquaman, Wildcat, Negative Man, Dr. Fate, Deadman, Deadshot, & Hawkman. I wanted about eight more but I decided to show some restraint  :D

*The Invincible Iron Man TPB & Chris Reeve 5 x 7" print
My brother took me out to lunch & to the antique mall where I found The Invincible Iron Man: World's Most Wanted (2009) five bucks- I just got six new graphic novels in the mail, but I wasn't gonna pass this up. And that's one of my favorite shots of Chris Reeve...  five bucks didn't seem like a great deal on it after finding a $25.00 graphic novel for the same price, but I liked it.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend- I've been out having fun at art shows, watching live music, parties & running around town shopping. More later!


  1. Awesome Super-D! Congrats on the awesome haul and did they have any loose DC Direct figures? Also anything on the vintage side?

  2. "I wanted about eight more but I decided to show some restraint"

    Oh man, $6.69 each for DCUC figures? I'm sorry, because I understand what you must have been going through. Each of the eight figures you skipped must have been like a knife through the heart - nothing's worse then a great price on too many toys.

    Good thing you've got that amazing pile of comics and toys to dull the pain.

  3. oh yeah, lots of DC Direct & some TMNT, old toybiz Marvel Universe, Star Wars, GI Joe, ect- pretty heavenly.
    Yes Erin, why would i DO that to myself. i should go back tomorrow :D

  4. What a haul. Love those DCUC figures. Awesome!

  5. Awesome loot man! Does that Blackest Night figure come with babies? lol!

  6. it DOES come with babies- perhaps the creepiest figure i own :D

  7. Must find a BAM! near me with all those cool deals.
    Is that a local store for you or an online one?