Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marvel Universe: X-Men First Class Wolverine & Sabretooth Comic 2-Pack

I'd backed off this Wolverine & Sabretooth Comic 2-Pack more than once, but caved last week. Hasbro  doesn't really give you a price break here for buying two, likely reasoning that Marvel can get four bucks for a comic book, which is outrageous, so you are getting a value at eighteen clams for the two pack. Not a great value whatsoever! The Marvel Universe singles are about eight bucks- also too high, but I'm the fool who buys them  :D

This is the... fifth Marvel Universe Wolverine I've got?  I like him, but there is some oustandingly poor paint application on this figure! I do like the sculpt a lot however: they did a great job on the mask and clenched teeth look on his face. And the sculpted fabric, particularly the part stretched over his legs, features some great detailing!  Sabretooth is really the better of the two- his paint is much cleaner, he has a ball joint under his head, and he's bigger!  These both have a ball-hinge at the shoulders instead of a bicep swivel, which is plenty adequate. Better yet they feature the much superior ball-hinge combo at the hips as opposed to that peg joint/upper thigh swivel combination the 90's Cyclops had, which sucks! Sabretooth's wrists swivel at the glove tops, while Wolverine's swivel right at the wrists, the left at an angle a lot of people hate, but provides a classic show-you-my-claws pose.

I liked the comic book included in this set. In attempt to charm Logan (Wolverine) into driving her to the Dazzler concert with some friends, X-Men teammate Kitty Pryde throws him a surprise birthday party. The unwelcome gesture isn't due only to Logan's cranky disposition, but the knowledge that every year on that day Sabretooth seeks him out and attempts to kill him, endangering anyone present.  Sabretooth is the alias of one Victor Creed,  an ex-C.I.A. Weapon X teammate of Logan's, their shared childhood memories erased upon assimilation to the program. His razor sharp claws & teeth, and mutant healing powers make him a formiddable opponent to Wolverine, whom he has bested in combat nearly every time.

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  1. It is a good set since they were nemesis of each other.