Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hey, Mr. Postman!

I finally reaped the reward of some of my holiday gift cards, and bought some other stuff I wanted, so some cool toys have been coming in the mail- a whole bunch of really FUN stuff! I haven't had time to shoot anything as I'm finishing up work for a BIG art show in the city on the 24th- I'll be showing 22 canvases I've worked on since June, and the invite list is like thirteen-hundred people. As you might suspect, I've been busy  :D

Speaking of absentia, I'm sure you were wondering like myself, "Where's ChunkyB been?" and "It's February- who's going to enforce the 28-Day Challenge of No Toys?" Well, Chunky has been on vacation for awhile, but e-mailed to say he will return... so for now it's safe! LOL!   Well Chunky, if you're passin' by, I'm sure I speak for one & all when I say that you are sorely missed & we eagerly await your return to Eclectorama & Batman: The Animated Toys blog   :)
LOTS of More Fun Stuff Later!

... now go back & read my last post- it rocked!


  1. A large package of toy goodness! I can't wait to see it all Super-D. Plus the return of Chunky B too sweet! I was missing our buddy.

  2. I'm glad you were able to update us on Chunky. I was starting to get worried, as he usually hasn't had such long absences. And it looks like you got a pretty nice haul there. Can't wait to see what you got!! :)

  3. i was gonna comment on your huge package, but thought my words might be misconstrued... ;-)

  4. Ahhhh I want a Select Hawkeye!!!

    1. Damn, Jcee- good eye! Got him from Disney Store online