Saturday, February 11, 2012

X-Cutioner's Song: Epilogue Part 2

Continuing from my last post on the epilogue to the "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover event from 1992-93, X-Force #19 finds Cannonball & Co. under house arrest at Xavier's School for Gifted Students, and growing more restless by the day. Feral, Shatterstar and Rictor blow off steam in the Danger Room, but Siryn tags along with Warpath  in the computer room, where he seeks to obtain information from the X-Men covertly for use in the event they are detained.

Professor Xavier had been telepathically eavesdropping on Siryn & Warpath prior to Sam dropping by his office with the ultimatum, "We are not children and we demand to be released". Though Cable is dead, Sam heatedly argues that he can continue to lead the group. Meanwhile, Boomer has been playing "House of Style" with the Shi'ar clothes synthesizer, inviting Sam to join her and Warpath in cementing X-Force's place as the most ridiculously costumed group of the 90's! James Proudstar looks particularly disco in his new Warpath outfit- see ya at the YMCA, Bro   :D

G.W. Bridge gets summoned to the S.H.E.I.L.D. helicarrier by Henry Gyrich and General Clarke to answer for the cost & damage caused by his using Weapon: Prime to pursue Cable. When they claim it a total loss, Bridge quits on the spot...

Gathering the members of X-Force to leave, Sam wishes Professor Xavier best of luck in dealing with the Val Cooper & the government concerning their departure. Assuring Sam he can deal with them, he expresses concern that Sam can deal with X-Force, and the choice between violence or salvation, the "closed hand or the open fist".

Sam uses a twist on Xavier's analogy of the open hand/closed fist to plead his case for carrying on Cable's way of running X-Force: "Here's my closed fist, Professor! It can be used the way Cable taught us -- ta hit -- ta pound -- ways you say you don't agree with, right? But it can also be used ta warm... ta support... ta protect! As for the peaceful approach of the open hand -- well, that can be used ta hurt as well!"

Before Sam steps into Lila's portal, Xavier discloses that one of his team has stolen something from the X-Men, and to consider the second guessing & moral compromise inherent in associating oneself with such people. 

Again, I've really enjoyed the "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover event- I'd recommend the trade paperback or the individual issues to any X-Force/X-Men or 90's comics fan. It was a great story full of fun characters, and Greg Capullo's pencilling throughout this series and the surrounding issues of X-Force was a particular joy to me.

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