Sunday, March 11, 2012

DC Direct Series 7 Black Lantern Superman

Since we looked at DC Direct Nekron in my last action figure post, we'll now have a look at Series 7 Black Lantern Superman. There was already a Black Lantern Superman in this line, the more zombified Earth 2 Superman who was killed by injuries sustained while fighting Superboy-Prime in Infinite Crisis. While he didn't do much in Geoff John's Blackest Night, I prefer this slicker interpretation of Earth-One Kal-El.

Nekron is revealed as the power behind the resurrection of the fallen heroes, creating sleeper agents to be later called forth in service in the War of Light. The Lord of the Unliving seemingly reanimates Batman as a Black Lantern, creating emotional tethers between Nekron and the resurrected. With the connection in place, more Black Lantern rings are forged, taking over many of the Earth's greatest heroes... including Superman.

Again, this is DC Direct so articulation is limited  to bicep joints,  a cut joint at the boot tops & wrists, ball/socket shoulders, hinge elbows & knees, a ball-jointed head, and T-hips. This is a great sculpt that I'd love to see done in regular or New 52/Jim Lee deco. Yes, the body is mostly smooth, but the insignia and silver bands leading into the cape and shoulders are sculpted in. He's just so... sleek!  Yo Go Re over at OAFE.Net claimed his had center of gravity problems involving his stance & the weight of his cape, and while I've experienced this with other caped DC Direct figures, I had no such issues with mine. Positioning the left foot back just a bit from the right should alleviate this if you are having a hard time balancing him.

Mine has a little paint slop around the corner of the mouth and right eye- not a deal breaker though. More glaring is how the pin striping down the front of his left leg doesn't match up at the abdomen- not sure what went wrong there. He still looks killer though, and with the 20% off sale at Comic Headquarters, I got him for about $15.00- pretty good for a DC Direct. I really wanted to get this Superman and the Series 4 Black Lantern Wonder Woman after they came out, but they wasn't in the budget; she goes for $60. + on eBay now, but this Superman you can get pretty inexpensively if you are willing to pay the shipping (I was not).

The Blackest Night series by DC Direct was a huge success, and I bought several after reading  Blackest Night and Blackest Night: Green Lantern- both mandatory Green Lantern reading in my novice opinion. It's funny that I opened these last two Blackest Night figures I bought recently, but unceremoniously stowed away the others I ordered well over a year ago  :D   I should open all the rest- they really look cool! Pictured below: Series 7 Black Lantern Superman with Series 5 Nekron... what a wicked pair!

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  1. Nice Colin and i like the fact you included Nerkon in one of the pictures.

  2. Awesome figure. Havent read Brightest Day or Blackest Night just yet. Both are on my must read list.

  3. Wicked pair is right. I thought Nekron was awesome, but that Superman looks sweet as all get out.

  4. particularly nice photo shoot on this atmospheric!

  5. I love this Superman! I think he could be real dope if someone did him up as a regular Blue/Red Superman custom. That Nekron is also sick, way better than the DCUC ver.