Monday, March 12, 2012

Warlock Chronicles #3

I know I mentioned in one of my dollar-comic posts awhile back that I picked up the first two issues of  Warlock Chronicles, an eight issue mini series and part of a "Infinity Crusade" crossover event. These and several other assorted mini series were spinoffs of Jim Starlin's 90's revival of the character in The Infinity Gauntlet (1991, Marvel), and the following Warlock and the Infinity Watch title. I enjoyed reading Starlin's cosmic opera  Infinity Gauntlet  last summer, inspiring me to pick up any random Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Adam Warlock, or Thanos related comics that stood out in the dollar bins, a favorite pastime for me  :)   It's hared to go wrong for one dollar, and when I saw the cover on this one featuring Thanos, Mephisto, & Adam Warlock, there was no question it was going home with me!

In a literal deal with the Devil involving the exchange of information on the cosmic cubes for one of them to keep, Thanos accepts a bargain with Mephisto that Warlock was violently opposed  to. Warlock refuses to have any involvement, departing to seeking advice from Eternity on how to defeat the Goddess, his feminine side embodied during time spent omnipotent. I love the way Eternity is drawn in this series, pictured here with Infinity (pencils- Tom Raney, inks, Keith Williams)...

Sending Mephisto on his way, knowing what the Goddess' machinations are after his discussion with Eternity & infinity, Adam Warlock places the Soul Gem on Thanos' forehead.  His soul is taken into it, Thanos now aware of every aspect of Warlock's being, including the Goddess' plans. It will be left up to Thanos alone to carry out the plan to stop her!

While I have Warlock Chronicles #4,  I'll have to hunt down Warlock & the Infinity Watch #20 if I want to see where this crossover event goes! I'll keep an eye peeled the next time I'm out hunting in the dollar comic bins- maybe I find it, maybe not...  it's all just part of the thrill   :D

*Hasbro Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Thanos & Adam Warlock 2-pk reviewed at Come See Toys blog!
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  1. I became a huge fan of Marvel's cosmic characters during the Annihilation stories. I went back and tried to pick up as much of the Infinity stuff in the cheap-o boxes like yourself. There were some great stories (and art) that I originally missed out on.

    1. there's plenty i can find missed the first time around, and with the price of new comics, i feel i'm getting a better value. plus the thrill of the hunt is a lot more fun :D