Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project: Comicon

I attended Project: Comicon at the Westport Plaza on Saturday- my first comicon ever! A lot of great talent in the world of comics has come out of St. Louis over the years, including the distinguished gentleman pictured next to me above, Denny O'Neill.   Writer and editor for Marvel and DC Comics in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, O'Neil was remembered best from my childhood as Group Editor for the Batman family of books, which he worked on until his retirement. We also share a birthday  :)

I also met St. Louis native Rick Burchett, artist on the The Batman and Robin Adventures, Batman: The Gotham Adventures, and The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold- all done in that Bruce Timm animated style I love! Rick has also pencilled on Marvel Comics' She-Hulk, as well as titles for DC such as on Blackhawk, followed by titles like Batman, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Justice League, and Green Lantern. Rick was great to talk to, looking up from his illustration of Robin & Huntress to answer my questions.

Below are a pencilled page from Rick's work on The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and a sweet colored version of the Classic Avengers!

Joe Dodd has worked for Marvel & DC Comics. He currently works for HASBRO INC. as a concept artist and illustrator! The packaging for all those zillions of Spider-Man toys you see everywhere?? Joe did all that! As a toy blogger, this was really interesting to me, and Joe was a real gentleman. Seeing some of the work on paper, out of context with the packaging, made me really appreciate the great talent that went into it.

Cullen Bunn was also in attendance- another St. Louisan, who has written for DC's "Batman/Superman", Marvel's recent "Hawkeye & Captain America", as well as his own books like The Sixth Gun and The Tooth. I run into Cullen occasionally, and he is always down to Earth for such an up and coming writer of great recent success.

One of my favorite comics retailers, the Fantasy Shop, was also on hand doing multiple raffles...

There were toys at the show, though I wasn't really blown away by what was there. It was all nice, but I have so many toys that taking another one home seemed pointless, LOL! That said, I did see this great Starro the Conqueror set that lit up and made sounds! This was an SDCC 10 exclusive of Mattel's Infinite Heroes scale figures battling a giant Starro in a package that tells the whole story in the voice of Kevin Conroy! While $90.00 may have been a great deal for this highly coveted collectible, I only allowed myself $100.00 for use at the 'Con. Check out Toysof OurYouth.Com!

I'd never heard of artist/writer Chris Giarusso, but his Mini Marvel's book caught my eye with its fun styling. He signed the book for me, which I already read and loved!  Chris has his own book, G-Man, illustrated in his unique and fun style. Printed in 6 x 9" like the Mini Marvels book, these little graphic novels tell the adventures of a boy and his magic cape- I'll be on the look out for that! Chris had a few knock-out posters at his table, spoofs of classic comic covers done in his style. I picked up one fashioned after The of Brave and the Bold #28 cover from 1960, which Chris graciously signed for me...

There were a TON of comics at all different price ranges at Project: Comicon! From 50 cents up to classic issues costing hundreds of dollars, there was more than I could take in during one visit! Paradise!

I filled my bag with the trade paperbacks I found at vendors taking 50% or more off. Though I've done some heavy duty comics shopping while on vacation this past two weeks, I knew there would be some good deals on stuff I hadn't seen at my usual haunts. Along with Giarusso's Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion, I picked up War of Kings, Heroes Reborn: Captain America & Heroes Reborn: The Avengers, Marvel Team-up: Freedom Ring, and Secret Invasion. Yeah, all Marvel- I know. Just turned out that way. I had a great time at this small, yet personal, local Comicon- a great first-time for me, and great way to end my vacation.

 More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Cons are so fun. Looks like you had the chance to meet some greats. Glad to hear you had a great time.

  2. I am jealous, so very jealous. Your head is going to explode when you read that Heroes Reborn Captain America and look at Leifeld's art. It's about the saddest in the whole hisory of comics.

  3. Looks like a great time Colin. : )

  4. Awesome! If there was one thing I would've done more while studying in the US it would be to travel to Cons. Then again, I didn't have to much of a toy habit then... :P

  5. That looked like alot of fun ! I'm gonna get to a con one of these years, every one I know that goes just raves about how much fun it is !

  6. I cannot believe that this was your first con! You seem like the very kind of person that comic cons were made for. Now you're hooked!

    By the way, I met Chris Giarusso at Emerald City Comic Con a couple of months ago, and he was such a nice guy. I also bought and loved a couple of his books. Glad you got to see him!

    Now come to SDCC this year and lets meet up!

  7. Wow this event is happening! did you get the artist to autograph their respective comic books?

  8. woow I hope someday I will go there

  9. Seems like an amazing time Colin!Did Joe Dodd do any of the G.I. Joe cardbacks?