Thursday, August 2, 2012

DC New 52: Earth 2, #1

I was really excited by the prospect of an parallel universe in DC's second wave of the New 52 relaunch, the possibility of yet more new costumes and reimagined origins for all my favorite superheroes, and was surprised/shocked by this first issue.

We are introduced to "the Trinity", already developed, revered heroes in this Earth 2 universe, in the thick of a worldwide war against the forces of Apokolips, Parademons flying everywhere! Superman and Wonder Woman are barely holding them off, buying time for the Batman to plant a virus chip deep into one of the enemies beacon towers in attempt to bring them down. I absolutely loved the new outfits, and that's kind of a shame as it's the end for these three right here in the first issue. That's right, fans- while holding off the Parademons, a besieged, Superman lives only long enough to see Steppenwolf run Wonder Woman through the back with his staff! Batman says his last goodbyes to daughter Helena (Robin) flying above, and then inserts the chip, setting off a huge explosion, saving the Earth. I didn't expect that! 

 We are then introduced to business mogul Alan Scott, recalling the late heroes sacrifice to bring peace on Earth, and a young, shiftless Jay Garrick, fresh out of college with no direction in life. While lamenting his situation under the stars one night, the herald of the gods Mercury falls from the sky to seal Jay's fate, the world in need of a hero for the impending peril of an even greater evil...!

Look not unto me for sympathy though, Kids- I'm all for change. It's good to shake things up, and often times necessary. I rarely understand when some fan up in arms about a writer killing off a favorite character or changing their backstory/continuity, though as an artist see it as a success if a strong reaction, positive or negative, is evoked. It's been going on at Marvel and DC for years. In fact, I somewhat enjoy it- The Dark Night Returns, anyone?? Just let go and try to enjoy yourself   :)  I'm on issue three of this title already, and will stick around for awhile to see what happens.
More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. Looks like a pretty sweet retelling of these characters Colin.