Wednesday, August 29, 2012

X-Factor Annual Vol.1, #2 1987

Franklin Richards is kidnapped by Quicksilver, under control of Maximus. His Power Pack teammates nearly save the day until Lockjaw appears, teleporting Quicksilver and the boy away. Blackbolt and the rest of the royal Attilan family on the moon are roped into the action, as the confused Quicksilver and evil Maximus' plans are carried out, and Power Pack looks to X-Factor for help. With Quicksilver, Lockjaw, Crystal, and Black Bolt under Maximus' mind control, X-Factor must assist the rest of the Inhumans in freeing the young Richards boy.

Power Pack is kind of a fruity idea for a superhero team- all kid mutants... little kids! There's a lot of them, family drama, and love tensions between Cylops & Marvel Girl in this annual, but I had to pick this up beacause a.) it's a GIANT SIZED annual  b.) it was a dollar  c.) the Inhumans are in it. Tom Grindberg and Joe Rubenstein drew and inked the issue with enough skill, but the layout is somewhat of a yawner to me- lots of small panels jammed with dialogue. Still, it was kinda fun to have X-Factor and the Inhumans in one issue  ;)

 I've picked up a few issues of X-Factor in the past, but have more recently picked up about thirty of so spanning from 1986 to '96, so you'll likely read more about that here later on. I'm unsure if this annual contributed to my delving further into X-Factor, or if it's just all the other Uncanny X-Men and X-Force issues I've read from this era, but it's been an ongoing thing for the last year I've enjoyed inbetween all the other stuff I've been reading. Read my post on X-Factor Annual #3: Evolutionary War, Part 1!
More Later-Make It Fun!

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