Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wolverine & the X-Men #17

I don't read Wolverine & the X-Men really, but I happened upon this recent issue #17 illustrated by Mike Allred, whose run on X-Force I had just scored in a couple trade paperbacks. I absolutely love Mike's work, it's simplified, graphic and colorful style serves the sense of humor in this book very well. I laughed out loud!

After Deathlok gives Wolverine, headmaster of Jean Grey's School for Higher Learning, a dismal report on the staff's recent performance, the very presence of one in particular is brought into question  :D   "I know who you're gonna say, but let me tell ya, you're wrong. This guy performs a vitally important function here at the school." Time and again Wolverine defends his friend Doop's position at the school, confounding the rest of the instructors who are irritated and disgusted by the slobbering green spheroid. Offenses ranging from distilling alcohol in the chemistry lab and stealing food, to his complete disregard of basic hygiene have the staff at the end of their wits with Doop's lewd behavior and disgusting habits.

Wolverine is aware of Doop's clandestine watch over any threats to the group, however. In reality, Doop, the product of a Cold War era U.S. military experiment, works around the clock intervening wherever necessary. His worldwide watch for danger involves the kind of unscrupolous compromises, outrageous hours, and physical abuse that only Doop can withstand.
Humiliating liaisons, taking on an army of robots with Howard the Duck, stopping a Nazi bowling league's attack on the new school, and even smashing a nun's laptop are just a few of the indignities poor Doop must endure to protect the group. This silent guardian is often left in a shambled heap after the degradations of his duty and promise to Wolverine, all the while unrecognized by the rest of the staff for his tireless sacrifice.
But Wolverine understands Doop's real function at the school, confident that whatever had to be done was done, and the school was safe because of his unusual talents. The banter between Doop and Wolverine is funny- expressed in special font, Doop's nonsensical, fictitious language needs not to be understood for Wolverine's conversation to imply humorous and/or perverse undertones. Doop's ridiculous physicality and facial expressions drive his slapstick comedy, the creature's diminishing appearance progressing as the story comes to an end. This was hilarious from start to finish, and a fun to find right after discovering Allred's great artwork! My only regret is that Marvel didn't treat us to a companion issue with Doop against Galactus like they teased about on the last page- that needs to happen   :D
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  1. That's great! I like Allred's style - have you seen the new Fantastic Four he's working on?

  2. Doop looks like "Slime" from Ghostbusters

  3. He looks exactly like Slimer, Michael- yes.

  4. I've always liked the way Deathlock looked but never knew much about him.Is he affiliated with the X-Men now?

    1. I guess so- I know almost nothing about him, but was kinda surprised to see him. I always thought he was a villain