Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Currently Reading: Spider-Man Unlimited Comics

Awhile back I watched some episodes of that freaky Spider-Man Unlimited on YouTube, and in a random eBay search discovered that the 1999 animated show on Fox Kids had a very short run in comics. There were five issues printed, along with this Wizard Comics Magazine limited edition 1/2 issue of Spider-Man Unlimited pictured above that I got from Newfire Games in Maryville, Ilinois. Purchased from their eBay store for about five bucks/free shipping, it came with a nice, thick bag/board and a certificate of authenticity. It basically retells the origins of Spider-Man's "Unlimited" evolution, similar to the cartoon's story- his ostricism from New York on account of a shuttle launch disaster involving Carnage and Venom, hitching a ride with Jonah Jameson's astronaut son, en route to Counter-Earth. Peter Parker hijacks a shuttle later in his special new suit, determined to rescue Jameson and clear his name, running into all kinds of high adventure in the alternate Earth. It's whacky kid stuff, but it's fun. The art looks like "amimation-style", but not really like the television show- better actually. And while there isn't a Spider-Man outfit I haven't liked, I am really fond of this one- he even has the air-foil/cape like Spider-Man 2099, another favorite re-imagining of ol' Webhead.

The other five issues I scored from Mile-High Comics' eBay store for about $1.40 per issue. I've enjoyed the first couple of these kid-friendly issues. Neither the show, which saw 13 episodes, nor the comic it was based on lasted long- it may have been too far removed from the popular character's usual shtick  or ironically too limited in concept. I happen to like comics intended for kids, like Batman & Robin Adventures, so it was right up my alley. The simplified graphic appeals to me greatly, like poster art with it's heavy line and contrasty rainbow colors. I'll try to share some of the artwork in another post if time permits...

Mile High Comics sent this nice tri-fold advertisement with information on their four Denver area locations- looks dreamy! You can bet your bottom dollar where I'll be found if I ever get to Colorado! LOL!

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Is the Brute the same villain from the FF seventies comics that was with the Frightful Four? He was purple too.

  2. I liked ideal behind the cartoon and had no ideal they made comics too. And they put the Brute in one of those books too cool! In normal Marvel community he was a evil counterpart to Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic.

  3. I'm right there with you on a visit to the Denver Mile High store(s). That place looks amazing.