Sunday, June 23, 2013

Funko POP Iron Man 3 & Amazing Spider-Man

I've long admired the great design of these Funko POP! vinyl figures, and own a Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern from the line as well. Their large heads and tiny bodies give them an infantile appearance that is disarming and extremely cute. Check out the video:

I was unclear on the fact that some of these are bobble heads, as Iron Man & Spidey here are, and some are just vinyl figures (it says clearly on the box). I don't know if it has to do with having found these at TRU, or if it has to with their particular movie merchandising status, but it's not a Marvel/DC differentiation because my Green Lantern is a bobble head, but Martian Manhunter is just a vinyl figure. I suppose I don't have a preference, though the bobbing head adds to the cute factor. These 3 3/4" figures don't have any articulation other than in the head, making the ten dollar price tag seem a little steep, but they were artfully designed. Like all mass produced toys, there is a little paint slop, but nothing terrible on mine. It should also be said that the packaging on these is not only punchy and great looking, but also easily reusable, free of rubber bands, tape, or twist-ties. The POP figure fits easily back into the hinged tray for attractive display or storage, a feature I really appreciate.

While these kind of cutely-styled toys don't appeal to everyone, I'm a big fan of it. I have a ton of DC Action League, & DC Imaginext figures, oodles of Marvel Mini-Mates, and even a couple of those Marvel Superhero Adventures figures. So it's little wonder I absolutely love these. Their chunky styling and bright colors appeal to my sense of what a toy should be- fun that is!

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  1. Two of my favourite comic book characters all in their Funko-version.

  2. I absolutely love POP figures. I have a few in my collection. I need the Amazing Spider-Man to go with my classic Spidey POP. I cannot wait until the '66 Batman POP line hit the stores