Monday, September 2, 2013

Imaginext Justice League Figures

I stopped buying these Imaginext DC figures some time ago mainly because Fisher-Price stopped releasing new characters. These chunky, little cuties are made for smaller children, and limited in their articulation- swivel wrists, heads in most cases, hinge swivel shoulders, and a single horseshoe-hinge for the legs are what you get here. Like the Playskool Marvel Super Heroes in their construction, their bright colors and sturdy construction will appeal to and survive a preschool play session. See a bunch more photos of these little guys along with more from my collection of Imaginext DC figures in a the video I just made:

 It seems like I heard about a New 52 Superman coming out a year ago, but packaged with a Wonder Woman- I did see this 2-pack on the pegs, but could not pass on this amazing little Darkseid figure! He's almost a little too well sculpted, the detailing far beyond other characters in the line. His hood and shoulder overlay are molded in a softer, more flexible fabric, allowing Darkseid to turn his head, a point of articulation Superman disappointingly lacks. I like his bright colors however, and he wears a tiny cloth cape. There was a Superman slightly darker packaged with the conventional Wonder Woman, while a New 52 deco of the Amazon is packed with her invisible jet, a vehicle I covet but can't commit to.

Aquaman and Roboshark were released a while ago, under the "DC Super Friends" banner, before the recent Justice League wave Supes and Darkseid  were part of, but I finally decided to photograph him after finding new Imaginext on the pegs. Aquaman's head turns, but he's not so steady on his feet, the flat bottoms not flush to the ground, making the King of the Seas really wobbly- some boiling water may help me realign his feet. Some didn't prefer Arthur's variant yellow boots, but I did- you can get him with fully green legs now if you prefer, but he's packed with a New 52 Flash, not this killer Roboshark... !

By pressing Roboshark's dorsal fin, his articulated jaw action feature is activated! He's cast in a metallic grey, sculpted with rivets and mechanical details, his eyes painted red and gill vents black. He's rad! Aquaman's other accessory is his yellow trident, that also has some simple, but thoughtful sculpt details. This was a great set I saw only once on the pegs until recently, and a lot of fun to play around with out of packaging

I wasn't surprised to see an Imaginext Cyborg figure as I was to see the Red Tornado in this 2-pack I found while picking up Superman & Darkseid. DC has really been pushing Cyborg for awhile, in both the most recent Teen Titans animated shows, with the Flashpoint series, and finally with the New 52 Justice League title. Red Tornado showed up recently in issue #15 of Earth 2, apparently feminine in this alternate dimension/reality- looking forward to the next issue! These were far too cool to pass on, my only gripes being Tornado's head doesn't turn, nor does Cyborg's gun barrel arm. Their detailed decos are unique and beautifully done, particularly Cyborg's. Super cute!

The new Green Arrow trough me off at first, evoking suspicions of reused parts from some medieval Imaginext toys, which he may be, but I rarely pass on a new Green Arrow figure- especially one with a projectile accessory!  The projectile takes a firm push of the light green buttons at the rear of the barrel, and fires with  a good amount of force- keep it pointed away from your face. The crossbows fire and swivel vertically independent of one another, and move horizontally together on the quad-legged base. It's fun!

The rigged/armored look of the sculpt , highlighted piping in the chest, and hooded head are reminiscent of the DC New 52 G..A. He's a great little figure with a lot of detail., down to his painted buckles on the sculpted shoulder straps to the impossibly tiny arrowhead etched into his belt buckle. Snappy!

See a bunch more photos of these little guys along with more from my collection of Imaginext DC figures in the video I just made!

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  1. They look cool. Too bad they don't keep the articulation consistent.

  2. I'm always excited about more Imaginext. Plus I secretly love the fact that they release figures without any advance warning like we get from all the collector lines. I think we'll see a lot more characters in the DC roster. I just hope that Playskool Marvel line starts offering some variety soon.

  3. With the exception of the Aquaman set, we haven't ran across any of these characters.

    Matthew is actually a big fan on Imaginext toys. In addition to the DC heroes and villains, we have a dragon and ogre lurking around the playroom with an army of knights ready to do battle.

  4. Not only do we get some awesome figures at an affordable price but the sheer amount of play sets and vehicles are staggering. 6 different style Batmobiles, 4 Bat-caves, Joker fun house, Gotham city, Gotham jail, Planet Oa, Fortress of Solitude, Justice League Javelin jet, even Mr. Freeze has two different hideouts. Not to mention; Blue Beetle car, Black Manta Sub, and tons of other stuff. Brings back memories of the 80's