Friday, September 27, 2013

TPB Haul & More Comics!

Packed my bag at Project Comic Con last weekend: Marvel Masterworks: Tales To Astonish Vol.1, Captain America: Bicentennial Battles, Superman: Kryptonite, The Avengers-Kang: Time & Time Again, The Avengers: The Serpent Crown, two Crisis On Multiple Earths volumes, and perhaps my favorite- Marvel Essential: Werewolf By Night Vol.2...

Later that Saturday night (under a full moon, no less) found me picking up a five dollar copy of Marvel Essential: Dr. Strange Vol.1 and Daredevil: Yellow, also marked for clearance at eight bucks at V-Stock. I'm thoroughly enjoying those first, crude drawings of the good Doctor by artist Steve Ditko, his first adventures and origins told by Stan Lee within the '63- '68 issues of Strange Tales. I've heard good things about Yellow, and the art looked appealing to me- nice cover...

 I've been slightly less faithful to DC, but still pick up some of the Superman Unchained and Batman & Robin titles, including catching up with all the end of that Batman Inc. stuff around when Damien/Robin is killed, and the more recent Zero Year issues, Batman: Black & White, Batman '66, and Batman Beyond Universe. Even picked up a couple of those holographic cover issues from DC Villain month, Darkseid #1 and Man-Bat #1...

I also recently read the Cable/Hope books- all five, including the Cable/X-Force volume that runs through the middle of the story arc. I picked up most all these 1/2 price + BOGO several months ago, so I didn't have to invest a lot. Watching Bishop hunt down Cable & Hope through a postapocalyptic future to the end of time and back was really interesting, and I blew right through the series with great enthusiasm!

My reading doesn't stop there however, as I've still been following  the monthly Marvel NOW!  titles Captain AmericaGuardians of the GalaxySuperior Spider-ManIron Man, and FF. though  thoroughly enjoyable, I dropped Thor: God of Thunder, Indestructible Hulk, A+X, & Nova recently, in an attempt to cut back on some titles and devote time to the Cable/Hope books, other TPBs, and collected editions I want to read.  I'd read it all if I had the time and money, but this has kept me busy at night    :D

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Whatta haul! LOTS of great reading in there:)

  2. Wow..great comic haul bro! Variety of good titles there!

  3. Fantastic selection. I love anything that Tim Sale does.

  4. Thems is a lot of funny books Super-D. : )