Monday, December 2, 2013

DC Action Figures of Interest in 2014

 I need another action figure like I need another hole in my head, but it looks like 2014 will not be the year I stop buying them, due in large part to some of the new stuff coming out in 2014...

6.75" Earth 2 by DC Collectibles
DC Direct/DC Collectibles are among some of my favorite action figures. What they lack in articulation is most often made up for in sculpt and paint, and whereas Mattel action figures often suffer from sameness, DC Collectible figures offer more unique styling from character to character. I've been reading the New 52 Earth 2 title since the first issue and will likely buy all of these, but would love to see a Hawkgirl, Dr Fate, and Atom- or for that matter, Mr. Terrific, Power Girl, Huntress, Earth 2 Superman, Steppenwolf, Wotan, Red Tornado... there's a lot of possibilities for a second and third wave. We haven't historically received expanded waves from DC Direct, but we did see a ton of Justice League figures from DC Collectibles recently, so one can hope.

6.75" Greg Capullo Batman by DC Collectibles
I'm interested in a lot of the new DC Direct figures, and while I won't be able to buy them all, I would like to have these Batman figures inspired by Batman artist Greg Capullo. I didn't start reading any of the Snyder/Capullo Batman stuff until the recent Zero Year story, but these look killer! I'm getting them all...

6.75" Arrow by DC Collectibles
I've not seen the new WB  Arrow show, but I like the character a lot and these look nicely rendered. Though I have at least 4 or five unopened Green Arrow action figures, there's most always room for another, especially one this unique.

6.75 Arkham Origins, Crime Syndicate, and Swamp Thing by DC Collectibles
Is there no end to the forthcoming DC Collectibles goodness? It would seem not: this month the deluxe Swamp Thing ships out, we will continue to see Batman Arkham Origins figures, and a Crime Syndicate wave is on the way as well. I also found some images of a New 52 Teen Titans trio in the works. I'm not sure if I'll buy these, but they do look outstanding. The Deluxe Swamp Thing is a real conversation piece...

Clockwise from top right: DC Collectibles Arkham Origins Anarky, Crime Syndicate Johnny Quick w/Atomica, & New 52 Deluxe Swamp Thing.

9.75" Sofubi Vinyl Batman & Joker by Medicom
I have a budding collection of vinyl Batman figures, to which these would make an excellent addition. While these come at the hefty price of $79.95, they sure have the kind of retro vibe I dig on. Wonderful!

6.75" Justice League War Figures by DC Collectibles
Based on the forthcoming animated feature, I'm most interested in the Wonder Woman for her unique costume, but curious to see how the rest turn out. It's not like DC Direct/DC Collectibles never released any cartoony-looking action figures, but dare I say these vaguely remind me of... Mattel action figures?

6" DC Total Heroes by Mattel
These look a lot like the Batman Power Attack line, but with some added articulation. I've seen some images of an Aquaman, Flash, Bizarro, Mr. Freeze, a couple Batman, and a Batman Beyond in the works. Like DC Collectibles JL War figures above, I'm unsure how many of these I'm interested in picking up, but they're neat to see.

4" DC Multiverse by Mattel
A lot of the first wave of these appear to be Arkham City characters, but more interesting are the Chris Reeve Superman characters and Michael Keaton Batman with the unmasked variant! These will be comparable in size to the DC Collectible Injustice figures, but appear to have simpler articulation. 

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  1. I will be getting one of those 89' Batman figures for sure and the Total Heroes have my interest somewhat too.

  2. Yeah the 4 inchers look the sweetest to me.

  3. Wonder Woman of course for me thought her head does looks small on that WAR figure. I love the Talon and Arrow figures. Very nice detail on the weaponry and Arrow is still one of my favorite shows.

  4. That Keaton Batman will be mine. That Swamp Thing is an amazing figure as well.

  5. The 9.75" Sofubi Vinyl Batman & Joker by Medicom are awesome!!!