Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recent Acquisitions: Marvel Universe

In spite of my complaining about the scarcity of Hasbro Marvel Universe figures available in the area, I've managed to stumble across some that have interested me in the last few months, including these newest acquisitions...

Marvel Universe Future Foundation Spider-Man & Fantastic Four Box Set
I already had the regular Marvel Universe Fantastic Four box set, but finally caved and got the Future Foundation edition after finding the FF Spider-Man. Hasbro also released an alternate FF Spidey and FF Dr. Doom in a Greatest Battles 2-pk, but these appeal to myself a little more, completing the core Future Foundation Fantastic Four.

Marvel Universe Black Knight
I stumbled onto this new MU figure after work last Friday night at a local TRU, the figure I've been anticipating most in Hasbro's latest wave! His sword is bent, but he's a great looking 3 3/4" rendition of this character. I love him!

Marvel Universe Professor X and Nightcrawler
I found this repaint of Nightcrawler the same night I found the Black Knight above, decorated in his X-Force colors, a supposedly hard to find action figure. I was really excited about this release as I've been reading about Nightcrawler's return in the new Amazing X-Men title.  I prefer Kurt in his tradition red & black, but this one will look cool with my X-Force box set.  Even more incredible was finding the Professor X at Target a week prior- I don't have the entire team in 1/18 scale, but with their leader now in my possession, I'm in good shape!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to open some of these up one day- I have a large tote packed with carded Marvel Universe, and several more scattered throughout my apartment! As you may have noticed, my posting has declined quite a bit in the last year, due mainly to the upswing in my career. While I've no immediate plans to leave all this behind, longer hours in a higher position, plus all my other hobbies often leave me with less time than when I started the Super-DuperToyBox.

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Wow, I've never scene that Nightcrawler before.

  2. Am digging the Black Knight too Super-D. : )

  3. Nice scores! Still no sign of Storm in my area, but I'm looking for ya!

  4. DAMN these Marvel Universe figures are great. I restricted myself just to Spider Man villains after getting a Mysterio and Rhino on the same day but that Prof X is sweet. I have the blue Fantastic Four set also. How can you resist HERBIE? They need to do a Franklin and Valeria but what version. I like the older Franklin where Galactus is HIS puppet.

    1. Some people hated that Herbie was included, but I liked him as well :) Regarding Franklin & Valerie, I'd like to see an FF version to match these, as I just finished up the latest Fraction/Allred Marvel NOW! volume- so great!