Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday Shopping

There's a TRU in the neighboring county I venture to occasionally that sometimes has items I can't find on this side of the river. I'd seen the Legends Superior Spider-Man around here before, but none of the TRU Wave 18 Marvel MiniMates, which were on clearance for under four dollars- made even better with my 30% off coupon. $2.79 each! Hasbro on the other hand, jumped in price- $19.99 for the new Spider-Man Legends! Because of this, I limited myself to just this one.

While across the river, I stopped by the local V-Stock to check out the comics! There's a giant case of rarities (above), and rows of pegs stocked with used action figures- more than you could possibly go through in one visit (below).

I found a couple comics in the dollar bins to take home, but didn't pick up any action figures. I did take a few pictures of things that interested me- there were a lot of Marvel Legends and Mattel DCUC, old ToyBiz, and a ton of old Star Wars toys. Some guy had just sold them his complete Marvel Icons collection (not pictured), which was impressive to see all in one place!

I photographed the TRU Wave 18 Marvel MiniMates, along with a whole bunch of my other recent MiniMates acquisitions last night, and will post as time allows!
More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Good lord I need a V Stock here in Michigan remind me to send you a list of action figures I need next time you go Colin lol.

  2. Wow - and they seem to have pretty fair prices too! I have that Robin, he's a good one!

  3. Wow, I love your V Stock. There are quite a few comic shops littering my area so the ones here are not always that fully equipped with comics and things.

  4. There are THREE here, within a 20 mile radius, all stocked like this

  5. Good score on the Minimates! That picture with all the used figures is so awesome! I wish I was there.

  6. Replies
    1. ...just to clarify, i did not buy all those ToyBiz figures ;D

  7. Wish there was a V Stock here in NY. Great pick ups.

  8. The loose figures are very attractive. It's a rare chance to see so many of loose toybiz marvel figures at such prices over my side of the world. Nice haul you got for the spidey.

  9. I love these type of loose toys for sales. I don't mind open toys as I will open them anyway. Wished I was there.