Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey, Mr. Postman!

What could be more fun than toys in the mail? Not much, Friends, not much. I received a package from the lovely & talented Miss M- fellow toy blogger, voice actress/podcast personality, and fan fiction writer! Miss M apparently has a solid understanding of what I like, and sent some fun stuff! Correct, advise, or otherwise extrapolate on my rundown of what was in this box...

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Iron Man:
A 6" Iron Man I didn't have, with spiffy vac-metal red chest harness and removable helmet- also my only with the latter design feature. Rad! I haven't read Ultimate Iron Man, but I do like variant treatments of popular characters.

Toybiz Marvel Legends Cyclops and 5" ToyBiz Cyclops, Sabretooth, & Wolverine:
I am a big fan of the X-Men as well as ToyBiz action figures! Sabretooth's mouth opens & hands swing out when his legs are squeezed together, and Wolverine has retractable claws- these are the perfect play features for the characters!

ToyBiz Marvel Legends First Appearance Spider-Man:
I'm a HUGE Spider-Man fan since childhood, and love this Steve Ditko inspired version of Ol' Webhead. The old ToyBiz Legends figures had great articulation, this one with individually articulated fingers. This is what a great Spider-Man action figure looks like, People....

 ToyBiz 5" Marvel Super Heroes Punisher, 4" Mattel DC Infinite Crisis Boomerang, and 4" Justice League Unlimited Hawkgirl: 
I was fascinated by the Punisher since youth, and like this original comic version, white go-go boots and all! Miss M packed a couple DC characters in the box, the Infinite Crisis I had none of and  Boomerang the first I've ever inspected in person- he has some great detail for such a tiny figure. I love JLU figures, and am particularly fond of Hawkgirl in general. I'd probably fall head over heels for the girl if I joined the Justice League... Heroic Hottie!

And last but not least, this very detailed ToyBiz base from the Wave V Legends Colossus.  I'm pretty sure it's sculpted to emulate Sentinel wreckage, which should come in handy! Uncanny detail... ! 

Thanks for all the fun toys, Miss M! They look pretty happy here in the Super-DuperToyBox, don't they... ?  :)

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. WOW. That is terrific. I have a box to send Miss M myself but she doesn't talk much to me anymore. I love the Hawkgirl and the Spidey with the underarm webbing.

  2. Fun stuff! I used to have that Boomerang. Some of those Infinite Crisis figures were pretty good. I think the line overall got a bad rap, but if you weren't a completeist, you could find some gems.

    Love that Hawkgirl too. I gave my original to my oldest daughter, and later it was chewed up by our dog. I have since found another one and now it is in the possession of our youngest daughter. And we have no dog, so it;s safe for now!

  3. nice score! That was very cool of Miss M

  4. Marvel Legends Spider Man and Toybiz Punisher FTW!Very cool stuff :D

  5. Hey!! I'm so glad you liked everything! I love seeing your take on these items with your pictures! That is so cool. I'm also glad you also liked the Boomerang figure. I wasn't sure if you'd like that one or not, but I am super thrilled that you got everything in one piece and really liked it. Yay! Hope you are doing well. : )