Monday, May 19, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal Premiums

My dear Mother has a connection at the local McDonald's back in the hometown, and has taken to securing any superhero related toy premiums for me, such is the case with the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 Happy Meal toys. She knows I love Spider-Man, one of the first comics I read, and a character I had many toys of as a small child. Some things never change! I was able to catch the recent film on my birthday weekend, and while I feel they tried to cram a little too much into it, there were a lot of great "Spidey" moments that captured the essence of this youthful hero quite well. I really enjoyed it!

*Electro & Spider-Man Light-Up Figures

*Spider-Man Spinning Top and Activity Book w/stickers

*Wind-up Crawling Spider

*Collector Cards in Spider-Man Tin and Spider-Car

*Spider-Man Mask

This was a fun series any boy or girl could enjoy! Thanks to my wonderful Mother for always thinking of me- she always makes my birthday fun! Be sure to check out my post/video on the Beware The Batman Happy Meal toys she gave me this past holiday season!
More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Nice!My daughter just got the girl premium,a pink Spidey bracelet!Happy Birthday buddy!

  2. I would kill to have a Happy Meal toy connection. I am really looking for the mask and the tin. I love the Batman mask from Beware the Batman but it took me awhile to find it. Maybe you can hook a brother up? LOL

  3. I like the light-up eyes Spidey!

  4. yeah, the little action figure ones are cool.

  5. I didn't see the movie and won't be getting the toys. Personal thing for me.

  6. Spider-man mask seems the coolest!

  7. Isaac got a couple of these, very cool!