Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Currently Reading: She-Hulk

Yes, I just wrote a "Currently Reading" post, but She-Hulk has occupied enough of my time and attention in the last many months that she really needs her own post. Our relationship *ahem* deepened when Jennifer Walters became part of the FF team last year, along with Ant-Man, Medusa, and Miss Thing in Matt Fraction & Mike Allred's awesome Marvel NOW! title. The creative team really put a lot of character development into Jennifer, whose power was matched by sensitivity toward and concern for the team and the children the Fantastic Four left in their care. I'm a huge fan of Allred's artwork, which served the often humorous moment very well with it's graphic, cartoony style. When She-Hulk got her own title relaunched under the Marvel NOW! imprint in February of 2014, I had to pick up a few issues...

I loved the stories Charles Soule was telling, using other characters from the Marvel Universe to help Jennifer out, stand in her way, or sometimes both. Hellcat, Ant-Man, Tony Stark, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, and even an aged Capt. America all make appearances within the first seven issues! I look forward to reading more...

 But even before FF and the new She-Hulk title, I remember reading issue #7 of Avenging Spider-Man, where She-Hulk helps Spider-Man defeat Egyptian cat goddess Bastet. Jennifer's personality seemed slightly less tolerant of Spidey's wisecracking antics here, and is closer to Dan Slott's run on the character but some accounts, but her quips and comebacks are intact, as is her steely determination. I loved Avenging Spider-Man for it's cast of beloved co-stars, and She-Hulk was a great fit! Below, the heroic duo confront their foe in front of an Egyptian artifacts exhibit opening that Jennifer Walter's law firm is sponsoring! Hilarity ensues, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man...

This past spring I read The Sensational She-Hulk TPB, containing the first eight issues with  John Byrne's take on the character. Jennifer is aware of being herself starring in a comic, breaking the "fourth wall" between reader and character, and adding whimsy and surrealism. I love the way Byrne drew She-Hulk, and the whole book brought the warmth of nostalgia for the '80s back for me. Spider-Man makes an appearance in issue #3, which made it all the more fun having read the aforementioned Avenging Spider-Man #7. I haven't read any of Dan Slott's later She-Hulk run, and not much more of Byrne's Fantastic Four with She-Hulk as a member, but I would be interested now. What's your favorite era or story of our beloved, green-skinned heroine?

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  1. I hate that guy's art. I have always hated it. I like She Hulk though.

  2. I love the first 8 issues of dan slott and Juan bobillo's run. Very fun and lighthearted the way she-hulk should be.