Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day of Judgement: Hal Jordan Becomes the Spectre!

I stumbled  onto all five issues of the DC Day of Judgement series from '99 the other weekend while rifling through the dollar comics bins with my nephew, in which Hal Jordan take the mantle of the Spectre, spirit of Vengeance. Upon reading author Geoff John's run a few years ago, I became a big fan of the Green Lantern mythos. In Day of Judgement, Jordan becomes host for the Spectre in attempt to atone for his earlier transgressions as Parallax, when he threatened the order of the Universe by slaughtering the Green Lantern Corps. Etrigan the Demon has bonded the Spectre to the fallen angel Asmodel in an attempt to usurp rival demon Neron, and unleash chaos upon the Earth. The series features a great cast of supernatural heroes, including Phantom Stranger, Blue Devil, Deadman, Captain Marvel, Ragman, Dr. Occult, Madame Xanadu, and Dr. Fate! In 2001, DC Direct released a glow-in-the-dark Hal Jordan/Spectre figure (right)- further proof that we truly live in the Golden-Age of action figures.

Below: Hal Jordan becomes Spectre, and unleashes the spirit of vengeance upon Neron ...!

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  1. I haven't picked up a comic In ages It seems.Oddly enough,If I were to pick something up,It might be the first few issues of Cyber Force . I've been wanting to delve back Into some 90's goodness!

  2. Wow. Talk about a blast from the past. I have the first issue of that series, but somewhow never bothered to pick up the rest. Before Johns' reboot, this was probably of the more interesting ways of rehibilatating a fallen hero like Hal. Definitely controversial, but I think it worked, or could've worked overall maybe it had been allowed to have a long run. You got to have Hal back, but got to also keep Kyle as the main GL as well. I wonder what would've happened if johns' reboot didn't happen? I believe DC wanted Hal back as the main GL anyways, no matter how they did it, and then Flashpoint would've made it all moot anways, but what if right?

    Not a bad figure for the time, even if it was a carefully repainted Hal Jordan dfigure from the Hard-Travelling Heroes set. Golden Age indeed, because also debuting that year, was Marvel's big return/comeback to action figures, with the Marvel Legends line, that blew the DC Direct line out of the water, articulation-wise for good while.

  3. This was a great story, although I could never get into Hal/Spectre afterwards.

  4. I have been a big fan of GL from way back. I was there for his Paralax downfall and this part of Hal's journey. I like these kind of different takes on a character we always thought we knew. Like an Elseworld or What If story.

  5. Been out of comics long before this hit the stands...