Wednesday, November 18, 2015

eBay Lego Mix & LeLe Minifig Boxes

I needed a some more simple prop/background Lego bricks to showcase my growing collection of minifigures, so I found a seller on eBay from Chicago who had such miscellania, scoring a couple Lego construction minifigs along with. And via Chian Post arrived a large gray baseplate and four LeLe minifig boxes to display some of my favorites. I'm not so crazy about the idea of building an entire structure for lack of room to display, but prefer simpler backdrops to photograph my minifigures among.

Of note among these random Lego parts I acquired are 
a couple of circuitry panels, supposedly from '62...

The LeLe boxes hold two minifigures each, but will not accommodate 
an oversized figure like the Hulk or Darkseid...

All this will make for more interesting photos in the minifig madness to come...
More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Figures are cool but sometimes It's the peripherals that make them that much more fun because of the endless possibilities !