Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jakks Pacific BIG FIG Series 19" Batman (Silver Age)

With so many outfits the Batman has donned in the last fifty years, including the numerous modern incarnations, the last thing I thought I'd see was a classic Silver Age handling of the character on toy shelves this year. Sometimes a new franchise on a character will see evergreen lines in classic deco however, so it makes sense with this 19" Jakks Pacific Batman in in the weeks before the forthcoming Batman v Superman motion picture debuting in March. Still, I was unaware of this BIG FIG Series arrival, and surprised to find Batman and a classic Flash at Walmart this morning. A quick internet search promised a classic Superman as well, which makes me wonder if we'll see Aquaman and Green Lantern. Check out my video:

Below: 19" Jakks Pacific Batman with my 

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. If I could get my hands on a 3 3/4 Bats like this ,I'd be all over It.

  2. He is a honey of a figure. I want one for sure.

  3. Great video - love the 360 turn-around. Nice looking Batman as well - what's he retailing for?

    1. twenty bucks- a pretty good value! I must be one of the 1st to find him, haven't seen much on the web, except his very recent debut at the NY Toy Fair

  4. Nice! I've been keeping an eye out but haven't seen him yet.