Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bandai Power Rangers Dino Supercharge Purple & Pink Ranger

I'd often passed by the 5" American market Bandai Power Rangers, admiring their colorful designs, but opting for the imported, higher grade adult collector line of SH Figuarts. For their far more modest price point, the American market Bandai figures have a respectable amount of articulation, though these two skirted females are limited in their hip articulation due to their attire. That said, I love the color and design of these petite figures, their individualized helmets reflecting their assigned dinosaur motif, and they make a delightful pair! Check out the video:

5" Bandai Power Rangers Dino Supercharge Purple & Pink Rangers with my 12" Bandai Dino Charge Rangers- the girls actually go really well with their larger counterparts...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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  1. I like that more and more of these lower-priced features are having more articulation than we used to see. I hope it's a trend that keeps going!