Saturday, April 2, 2016

Medicom 1:6 Scale Real Action Heroes Flashpoint Batman

As soon as I discovered this 1:6 scale Flashpoint Batman existed, I hunted down the best deal I could find. In Flashpoint (DC, 2011), Barry Allen is pulled into an alternate Universe where the history of the heroes he knew had been altered, the mantle of Gotham City's Batman filled by Thomas Wayne, son Bruce having been killed that fateful night in Crime Alley. I'd contemplated purchasing earlier Real Action Hero series Batman figures, admiring their styling but somewhat underwhelmed by their construction after viewing a few reviews, but caved when this one was recently released. There is indeed a slightly chintzy quality to the vinyl bodysuit, snap-in hands, and cheap plastic sword. That said, he's sure a looker- check out the video:

Below: Batman, Thomas Wayne, runs Eobard Thawne through with an Amazonian sword at the climax of Flashpoint, setting the stage for DC Comics' 2011 relaunch, The New 52. This book and that moment are are memorable to me, as not long before this I'd regained interest in comics with a passion unmatched before in my life, perhaps even during my childhood.

 Medicom Real Action Heroes Batman with Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 Scale Batman. At about the same price, the Sideshow is a far better value, constructed of superior plastic and fabric, and realistic paint subtleties the Medicom just doesn't have. Still, the Flashpoint Batman does have a simplicity and vampiric style I really enjoy...

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  1. ah you really need to be careful with the Medicom Real Action Heroes when you pose them ( or just handle them).Iv had 3 of them break on me,2 breaking right from the box and one braking while posing.If you check out the prices on the medicom real action heroes Mushishi Ginko its something you don't want to break in your hands as soon as it arrives in the mail.

  2. I have a feeling that vinyl isn't going to hold up over time. It is a pretty cool looking figure though.

  3. I loved Flashpoint just for the twists. How cool was it that Bruce's death made his own Mother the Joker? Wow.