Friday, April 22, 2016

Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear Gatchaman G-1 & G-2

These two 6.75" Heroes Fighting Gear Series Gatchaman were an impulse buy, my nostalgia for the '70s animated TV show Battle of The Planets the driving force. As a child I had no concept of the idea it was an Americanized version of the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. I do however remember thinking Mark and Jason were the coolest of the five G-Force members, the latter my favorite in his darker uniform. Check out the video:

Aside from snapping one of Mark's shoulder pads, and the butt-end off Jason's gun, they are beautiful figures with TV accurate accessories, including weapons, extra hands, and a sturdy flight stand. If that weren't enough, the chest lights up, the cape is cloth, and most of the limbs, torso and pelvis are diecast metal, giving the figure a satisfying heft. Don't be fooled though, they are fragile and have lots of small parts easily damaged or lost. That said, they honor the beautiful design of the original costumes in an updated, hyper-stylized form.

Below, Fighting Gear Gatchaman G-1 and G-2 with my Marmit Heavy Gokin Devilman, another imported diecast figure based on an anime TV series I found recently...

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  1. Those are some beautiful figures!I remember the show vaguely.

  2. The diecast parts and articulation is really worth it.