Friday, September 9, 2016

Nightwing Annual #1, 1997

Fresh from the dollar comics bin, Nightwing Annual #1, 1997. Of note, the author Devon K. Grayson's name is oddly similar to our hero's own alias, Dick Grayson. I like some of the other Pulp Heroes covers more than the Nightwing cover, but I do like this version of the character's outfit. In a nutshell, Dick marries a three-time widower in order to investigate the untimely deaths of her very rich late husbands. This is some time after Bruce and Dick settle the past differences that broke up the Dynamic Duo, and the ceremony is carried  out in Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred looking on, wise to the entire ruse! Even considering conventional suspension of disbelief, this is pretty far fetched. Talk about takin' one for the team- what a psycho  :D

Tim Drake, who took over the Robin mantle, is also in the know, as is Oracle, Barbara Gordon. There seems to be some tension between Dick in Barbara in discussion over Emily's acceptance of Dick's proposal- a silent look between the two after Babs sarcastically agrees to Dick's disbelief "Yeah, woman's got no taste. Imagine agreeing to marry the brightest, sweetest, most handsome, wealthiest young bachelor on the East coast. Definite nutcase." Uncomfortable! After some time, Dick's gut feeling is that Emily's friend Annelise Schubert is the murderer, vengeful of her father's imprisonment. a victim of Mr. Washburn's alleged shady business dealings years ago. It's Annelise's plot to frame Emily and take revenge! I love the pages of Dick sparring with Tim on the rooftops of Gotham, as he explains his theory of Emily's innocence to the youngster ...

When Annelise pops up during Dick & Emily's tropical honeymoon, a scuba dive is arranged for ease of snuffing out Emily's fourth groom. Unbeknownst to her, Emily's "husband" is a detective of the highest order, who detects tampering with the scuba tanks! An underwater struggle ensues, expertly drawn by artist Greg Land...

Annelise's plot is thwarted, but Dick breaks Emily's heart when she finds out the truth about their union. It was a fun romp, if absurd, with lots more than I could cram into one post. I enjoyed Land's pencil work, and the nostalgic feeling I get reading older comics with all their advertisements of the era. And what's there to lose at the price of one dollar, Friends?

More Later- Make It FUN!