Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Be@rbrick Series 22 Green Lantern, Panda, & Uno Chase

My fascination with Be@rbrick came on strong a year ago, featured in a month of several posts on eBay aquisitions featuring the themed minifigures. I'd moved onto other things before showing all, and thought I'd come back to showcase the remaining few. These highly collectible Japanese figures come in a few different sizes, the 2 3/4" 100 % scale being my particular interest. I like colorful, fun toys, and am into Japanese vinyl and imported Tomica diecast cars, so the Be@rbrick's exotic appeal is not lost on me as a collector. A variation on MediCom's Kubrick figures, Be@rbrick are a lot like MiniMates in size, which I've also collected in the past. Check out the video:

Not featured in the video, the Amazing Spider-Man Logo Be@rbrick pictured below will stay on card for display with some other Spider-Man toys I love. Like Green Lantern, Spider-Man is a character strongly represented in my collection. I wouldn't mind finding some more Marvel and DC Be@rbrick at some point.

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