Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dargo Block World Transparent Iron Man Minifigs

I bought these from an eBay seller in October of 2015, and am just now getting around to filming them as I first envisioned. My Super Fun Hot Wheels Blog has taken a great deal of attention in the past couple years, but I always make it back over to the Super-DuperToyBox in bursts of posts, this recent jag centering around BootLego minifigs found on eBay. Check out the video:

I love action figures made of translucent plastic, and these have sparkle in them as well- really fun! Iron Man has been a character I've collected since starting this blog, and is a notable sub-collection among my collection at large.

Transparent Mark XLV and regular Mark XLV Iron Man from my 2016 Christmas Day post...

Around the time I picked up these transparent Iron Man minifigs, I posted on some transparent Dargo Block World Hulks and a transparent Dargo Block World Thor pictured below. It's fun to get back to these minifigs again!

More Later- Make It FUN!