Sunday, August 27, 2017

Jada Avengers AOU 6" Hulkbuster

This Jada Avengers AOU 6" Hulkbuster was an impulse buy, fueled by an ongoing interest in more unusual character variants, imported vinyl, and/or "arty" pieces. Heavily stylized and more statue than action figure, the Hulkbuster will make a stunning display with some vinyl Marvel Funkos I have. The metallic paint is gorgeous, and of course the matching 2" Iron Man that rides in Hulkbuster's cockpit make this toy a must have- check out the video:

Also seen in the video above, a 1.75" Jada Nano Metalfigs Hulkbuster I picked up a week ago. I was pleased with the other Nano Metalfigs I'd picked up this summer, and thought he'd display well with my Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora and Star-Lord. It now appears that I have a fledgling group of diecast Iron Man/Hulkbuster- may have to pick up the 4" Jada Iron Man ...

More Later- Make It FUN!

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