Saturday, December 23, 2017

Marvel Legends Capt. Marvel & Ms. Marvel

Back to Marvel Legends, my renewed interest for which has inspired an ongoing hunt for some figures that caught my attention upon their release, but did not fit into budget, space, and time constraints at the time. Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers was released in 2015, and Ms. Marvel more recently in 2016. Serendipitously stumbling across some of the New Marvel Generations issues after avoiding the racks for an extended period, I picked up the Ms. Marvel book featuring these Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan, which I found quite satisfying story-wise. There has been a lot of feedback on Generations, some of it negative, but as what was basically my introduction to these two characters, I had no expectations. I'd recommend you give it a shot, just try not to pay five bucks for it- it may hold it's value due to it's more favorable reception, so good luck with that.

As seen in the pics above, Captain Marvel included a Carol Danvers head accessory which has a lot going for it, but the masked Mohawk head is far more interesting. I love this outfit of this character, very neatly applied in the figure's deco- some incised sculpt in the uniform, even if only cuts at the glove or boot tops, could have made it stronger . A flame accessory in translucent pink also came with Captain Marvel, which fits neatly over the figure's fist. She's quite poseable, the limited forward tilt hinge at the ankles my only real complaint, and I love her floating sash and contrasty color scheme. I knew I'd eventually cave in and pick this figure up, and since I wasn't interested in the All-Father BAF, picking her up on eBay at less than half the original retail price was a cinch.

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel shares a similar color scheme, in reverse, and sports a delightful little head sculpt- she's really a cutie, and I love the hero mask! From the 2016 Sandman BAF wave, she came with alternate hand sculpts that complement her Inhuman ability to grow in size and stretch her proportions. The paint deco is nearly flawless on this sample, including gold monogrammed scarf that can be rotated on the neck to suit her pose. Kamala is a figure of a character more relevant than ever, daughter of Indian immigrant descent, and it is my hope this new character of diversity survives. Hat's off to Marvel Comics and Hasbro for gettin' behind this girl.

Pictured below, Ms. Marvel with Kid Nova, another "juvenile" buck in the Marvel Legends stable, and Captain Marvel with Ashley Barton Spider-Woman from a couple posts back- a somewhat underappreciated Marvel Legends female I love...

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