Saturday, January 13, 2018

Marvel Legends 12" SDCC Exclusive Daredevil

A few months ago, this Marvel Legends 12" 2017 SDCC Exclusive Daredevil was  sixty bucks + shipping, but found it recently for under $45.00 shipped, so I took the dive. The accessories, beautiful box and 8 x 10" art cards included made this a special buy and welcome addition to my collection- check out the video:

As I understand, this Daredevil was built on the 12" Spider-Man buck, which I do not have, but I think the lean build fits the character well. There were complaints about Spider-Man's hips and lack of waist swivel, but this works fine for me- he can do plenty. Daredevil's butterfly joints at the shoulders and abdominal hinge have great range, and the torso hinge helps. And with ankle rockers and swiveled boot tops, the figure stands very naturally. The black-washed, laced boots, subtly metallic gauntlets, and masked head sculpt really sold me! The figure is based on art by Joe Quesada, also gracing the box and accompanying cards- I love the braille in relief on the back. Recommended!  

More Later- Make It FUN!

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