Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Disney Marvel Toybox Hulkbuster & Hulk Battle Set

This Disney Marvel Toybox set was intended for younger children, but collectors have been picking it up for the somewhat impressive Hulkbuster included. Rivaling the larger Marvel Legends Hulkbuster in visual appeal and articulation, the addition of lights and sounds just icing on the cake with this Toybox version. I'd never pay full retail for it, but at 25% off, I'm in. Check out the video:

Another thing this Toybox Hulkbuster has that the Marvel Legends does not have is a Tony Stark head under the helmet. There's even toe joints, and joints in the three fingers! My only gripe with this Hulkbuster is the loose joints, especially the left elbow- I've heard similar reports from the community regarding this and other larger Toybox figures like Baymax and Maui. I'm particularly enamored by the Hulk in the set- collectors who already had single carded Hulk w/purple pants may be less enthusiastic, but the roaring expression on this one is an improvement in my opinion. A single carded grey Toybox Hulk is now available as well. A fun set, but buy it on sale!

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  1. I don't remember these having so much articulation. Weren't they more like statues when they first came out?

    1. … they were, but in the last year they have been making action figures with the same styling