Friday, January 25, 2019

Marvel Legends 12" Thor

I picked up this Marvel Legends 12" Thor on sale recently with store credit at BBTS, on the hunt for another large scale God of Thunder to round out the top story of the sole detolf cabinet in my living room. He was a good value, complete with a bearded and shorn portrait, both able to accommodate the helmet or braided hair accessories, making four different looks possible. The additional clear blue Mjolnir may be a waste of plastic, but the regular hammer is nice, both made more useful with Thor's vertically hinged wrists on the grip hands. The rest of his articulation is serviceable, if somewhat clunky as larger figures tend to be. Likewise, his weight can overbear the ankles, but you can get him in poses, and fine hasn't faceplanted yet. The cape is one of the main attractions for this action figure, nearly as luxurious as my other two 1:6 scale Thors. Check out the video:

Below, Marvel Legends 12" Thor with Marvel Legends 14.5" Hulk, also produced by Hasbro in 2017. Only two Marvel Legends of this scale were produced last year, and I've not heard any news regarding plans for the future of this line. The demographic for this larger, more expensive action figure is smaller, perhaps limiting Hasbro's ability to make the kind of profit they are used to- retail pegs can accommodate more of their 6" line, and their library of molds/tooling is larger, making reuse of parts easier. I'd like to see more of these produced, starting with some females and villains, but the ten we received may have just been a gift. And what a gift they were.

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