Friday, September 13, 2019

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Iron Man, Capt. America, & Thor

I was trilled to get this trio of classic Marvel Avengers, part of Hasbro's recent avalanche of Marvel Legends celebrating Marvel's 80th Anniversary. These are all-new sculpts with a deluxe assortment of accessories, set at a higher price point of $25.00, though I picked up Iron Man and Thor on Amazon for south of twenty bucks using points on my card,. Check out the video:

Based heavily on  Alex Ross' styling of these three characters, the artist's work is featured on the verso of each box. I feel Hasbro nailed it on all three of them, giving us most the appropriate accessories, though Cap's alternate head was too similar to the Alex Ross Portrait, and Thor didn't come with much. The classic Hulk that came in my 80th Anniversary 1st Appearance Wolverine/Hulk 2pk goes perfectly with Thor, Cap and ol' Shellhead! Make me think I need to backtrack and pick up the Vintage Series Hawkeye or Wasp. Recommended!

More Later-Make It FUN!


  1. Nice lineup! I gotta and pick that Wolvie-Hulk 2-pack soon too. Although I was previously kinda on the fence with the Hulk and was leaning more towards the Face-Off Hulk to go with the trio. What do you think?

  2. Definitely this Hulk! Thanx 4 reading, Rebel!