Monday, September 23, 2019

Marvel Legends X-Force Wolverine/Cowboy Wolverine

While I was more interested in the new X-Force Wolverine, the Marvel Legends Cowboy Wolverine kinda bowled me over on the spot at a local GameStop. I love that he comes with a sword, and the alternate "berserker" head sculpt is really fun! I unloaded my previous X-Force Wolverine (2013 Hit Monkey Wave) on an eBay auction for a shocking amount, prior to this new version being announced, and I have to say that I much prefer this new, shorter buck for the character. Check out the video:

Below, Cowboy Wolverine and X-Force Wolverine with Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine and All-New Wolverine, and Old Man Logan and Retro Series Wolverine. Not pictured is my 1st Appearance Wolverine from the Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary 2pk w/Hulk, a Wolverine that I didn't think I'd like as much as I did.

More Later- Make It FUN!


  1. Legends just keeps bringin' It!Too bad Hasbro has seemingly phased out all articulated 3 3/4 figures :(

    1. yeah, they did have quite a run on that Marvel Universe stuff- sold most all mine off awhile back