Friday, October 22, 2010

Famous Covers Iron Man

I scored the Marvel Famous Covers 9” Iron Man figure by ToyBiz in mint condition at the end of September on Amazon for $55.48 (price included shipping). I had seen him go for a lot more, but not usually less, and to date he is my most expensive toy purchase.  This one was never touched either- totally perfect, I was pleased. While ToyBiz did an excellent job producing this toy, Ol’ Shell Head’s articulation is somewhat limited because of his bulky armor, though not as restrained as Dr. Doom’s. The figure’s helmet opens to reveal a good sculpt of billionaire playboy Tony Stark’s head. The Famous Covers Iron Man is not as detailed as many of the other versions of the modern Iron Man I’ve seen, but it really nails the character’s “silver age” styling. What a fun toy!  J

Genius inventor Tony Stark is the armored hero Iron Man in the Marvel Universe. Like Batman, Tony has no superhuman powers, but relies on armor he built for himself to save his life after sustaining a heart injury while being kidnapped by industrial saboteurs that hoped to destroy the world using their prisoner’s considerable technological talents. The industrialist then turned on the his captives as Iron Man. Like Daredevil, Iron Man overcame the worst odds and became a hero, using his powered armor, as well as Stark Industries to build weapons, to fight evil all over the world.

-Check out Mego’s 8” Iron Man from the 70’s.
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-Four part peek into the recent Hot Toys Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, courtesy of Alex at TOY HAVEN blogspot- Amazing!


  1. Another GREAT score - well worth it :) and thanks again for the plug CHEERS & have a GREAT weekend!

  2. i'm cheering you with my hot cocoa in St. Louis- it's a beautiful night here :)
    Hope you guys are going to enjoy some quality family time this weekend :)