Saturday, October 23, 2010

D.C. Direct 1:6 Scale Batman Beyond

D.C. Direct’s 1:6 scale Batman Beyond is really my first serious toy- these things were $100.00 new, and I scored him for $39.99 (price included shipping) on E-Bay. I probably wouldn’t have considered it otherwise, but for that price I couldn’t resist. Nearly everything I read about this toy was negative- the artistic license employed in the face sculpt was universally hated it seems. And while he is somewhat ugly, I find this toy appealing somehow- his lithe, angled body and emotionless visage look quietly dangerous and well… creepy. I like the revamped batsuit that features a red chest emblem on an otherwise all black outfit, evoking a vampiric feel to the character. There isn’t much to this figure- the batwing glider that attaches to his suit via two slots sewn into the back of his outfit, two extra sets of hands, his utility belt, and his stand are the featured accessories in the package. His suit has a zipper down the back, but I couldn’t seem to get it down, and if the utility belt is removable I don’t know how to unfasten it. The batwings were tough to get in the slots, as Batman’s suit fits pretty tightly to his body, but they stay in. Batman’s knees are pointy and almost alien-looking on the sides- which is characteristic of the overall angularity of this toy’s styling. “God, look at that thing!” my brother declared upon seeing him for the first time. A strange thing to behold, this one is indeed!

Ever since I read Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in the 80’s, I was fascinated by the idea of some of theses seemingly immortal heroes that populate the world of comics getting older. Who would take the place of these fallen heroes? I’m a little sketchy on the Batman Beyond, but in a nutshell: many years after hanging up the cowl, Bruce Wayne meets a teenage Terry McGinnis, helping him fend off a gang he was protecting his girlfriend from. Helping Wayne back to the manor, McGinnis discovers the Batcave and Batman’s then retired, futuristic batsuit which the boy soon after steals to avenge his recently murdered father. Seeing how crime in Gotham City has run rampant without Batman’s careful watch, as well as the boy’s insistent determination to make things right, Wayne hires the young McGinnis to take the mantle of the Dark Knight.

-custom “Mego style” Batman Beyond at KnockKnockToys.Com… hey Alright!
-9” Batman Beyond doll… er, umm Action Figure at BatmanYTB.Com!

Just a couple more photos... this one was so fun to shoot!


  1. That is a funky cool dolly! I loved Batman Beyond, and that is a nice figure - in a couple of the shots it almost looks like a real person in costume. Nice!

  2. I like this figure too, in a scary Halloween kind of way :) reminds me of the Batman conjured up by the Scarecrow's hallucinations in the Narrows.

  3. It's a good buy since you got it that cheap and the condition look good!

  4. That thing is really sweet, I have to find one of these now thanks to your pictures. Ugh!

  5. Heh, heh :D more toy to buy, I know now what that feels like